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Thibaut Courtois

Started by Domino-,

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3 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

Can this twat just shut the fuck up for once? 

He got his wish, Eden is here. But he will continue to talk to move Eden there. What a cunt.

I NEVER wish bad luck to players, but couldnt care less if Tibo flops and fans of every club he played so far fucking hate him. I dislike this twat with pleasure.

Hopefuly Atletico fans show him his place and if he ever plays at SB again, we do the same.


Yeah I wish Courtois had a bit more sympathy...but honestly don't care what Courtois says from now on.

What's concerning to me from the quote, is that the seed has already been planted. Whether he says it in public or not.

I mentioned in the Hazard thread how agents can influence player decisions, and how Hazard operating without an agent would slow these kinds of moves. Courtois could very well be the agent Hazard never had.


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1 hour ago, Vesper said:

Thread winna (unfortunately many at our expense:()

Sadly many were against us :(, but he's gone now. So he'll have to bother with messi sticking the ball between his legs every el classico match. :cig:

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On 8/10/2018 at 4:19 AM, Jason said:

The Madrid derby is gonna be fun. He might even get more hate from the Atletico fans than us!

he'll get the Figo treatment ala Barca from Atletico fans, pig heads thrown at him 🐷:ph34r:

the wes likes this

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2 hours ago, Sideshow Luiz said:

Courtois confirms that he blows himself

Courtois: due to my height, I can reach places other goalkeepers cannot

Thanks a fuckin lot pal!!

Ive only just got his blinkin sex face out of my head now you replaced it with this!!!

I hope hes got a micropenis!

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