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  1. AVB gone to Zenit

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4378748/Andre-Villas-Boas-would-face-Tottenham-revolt.html I know it's only the sun but if Spurs players have been speaking to ours then there probably is some truth in it. Although then again if our players were convinced AVB would screw up Spurs, then they should have kept their gobs shut and told the Spurs players he wasn't too bad and everything was made up.
  2. The crowded bench of AVB

    Chelsea FC has confirmed the signing of Juan Mata and only personal agreements are still to be met. Now our front three are expected to look like this :(Mata - Torres - Sturridge) while our bench will look like this:(Drogba - Lukaku - Anelka - Kalou - Malouda - Kakuta) !!! that is a little too much as i would rather have a max. of 2 or 3 senior players as subs , and let youngsters like kakuta get their fair chance. We should let go off at least 1 out of (Anelka - Malouda - Kalou) and that will hopefully be Kalou. Also i think Kakuta will get very limited chances with the squad that we have now , we should loan him out for 1 year , Lille or Bolton looks good. De bruyne is expected to join but he is thought to be not ready yet , so going out on loan again makes much sense for me but back at genk doesn't . we should be looking to loan him out but for an EPL team. Hopefully this year we will witness the end of the Anelkalouda era , and we will start a new era of quick movement and passing from our forwards(Mata,Torres,Sturridge) who if the all have one thing in common then it's their lightening pace. P.S. I know i will get a lot of stick for this but i don't think sturridge is ready yet to make the RW position his own , i think he will be drifting in and out the team for a while till he earns himself a starting position in our XI .