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  1. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Come on boys! I'm confident let's do this!
  2. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

    I love the team. Let's get a home win
  3. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    Come on boys! New year and all. Let's get this thing going. Undefeated in 2020 let's go!
  4. Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

  5. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Great performances all round. Willian mount and tammy very good
  6. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Get the fuck in. That one means more than just a random game
  7. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Never a red
  8. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Tempted to say we bring James on and go for the kill. But I like the big 3 at the back as the pressing up front means spurs are going long ball and having limited success against our big boys at the back. Defo need to some earlier subs as I'm sure the boys doing the pressing are going to get tired
  9. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Great first half. Very good performance by the boys. Gotta keep it up second half. A spurs goal makes this very nervy
  10. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Wow, He's racist as well now. Top notch trolling
  11. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Lmao wow. The only player that left was hazard. You mean that player who was the 3rd best player in the world and was involved in 50 percent of our goals? That player? Arsenal and spurs were shit down the stretch and we just scraped 3rd. Not to take it away from anything but it was incredibly close for us to get 3rd making that statement laughable.
  12. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    People were saying we wouldn't even get top 6. We have/had a transfer ban. We'll know more after Jan. But it's a fresh young team it's not gonna happen overnight as everyones been saying all year. We had a great period whilst our rivals struggled. Realistically we aren't up there with the top 2 in terms of squad and wevare close to spurs etc currently. Long term we have a lot of positives. Of course in January things could change. Come on chelsea!
  13. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    If we get top 6 this year then hardly any fans will be wanting him to get sacked. He's gonna deservedly get more time and we are ahead of many expectations at the start of the season despite a recent poor run. There's a big gap to the top 2 but that's not something that will be fixed in the next couple of years regardless of manager but hopefully we can start to claw back the gap. I think we'll look better against a team whos gonna try and play at us more and leave us much more space. I'd be content with a draw but I think we can win this. Just need to take the chances when they come and they will come
  14. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    I like the change of tactic. Very much set up to counter attach which we are more suited to. Would have preferred azpi as rcb and James at wing back but we'll see
  15. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Come on chelsea time to get rolling again!