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  1. Wolves - Chelsea

    Great game. Defence shaky but it's the way it's gonna be. We'll proud of the lads. Played great. And the youngsters should only get better. Needed that with Liverpool next
  2. Wolves - Chelsea

    BANG ended on a high
  3. Wolves - Chelsea

    That's a shame but keep it up and let's keep them to the 1
  4. Wolves - Chelsea

    Fuck so close. Great play
  5. Wolves - Chelsea

    Hopefully rudiger was precautionary given the scoreline
  6. Wolves - Chelsea

    So happy for the kid. Guys quick and he's starting to finish. Trust the process. And that's not getting ahead of ourselves. We are gonna have plenty of ups and downs this season but it's so great to see youngsters come through and perform well
  7. Wolves - Chelsea

  8. Wolves - Chelsea

    Rudiger is great to have back for sure. Time to sit back and hit them on the counter as they have to come onto us. Would like to see pulisic get a run out with his pace. Everyone's played pretty well the kids especially
  9. Wolves - Chelsea

    Games not over and it's only been 3 games. But a big FU to all the people (not just on here, mainly elsewhere) writing off tammy Abraham and Co.
  10. Wolves - Chelsea

  11. Wolves - Chelsea

    Tomori GOAT
  12. Wolves - Chelsea

  13. Wolves - Chelsea

    What a fucking hit
  14. Wolves - Chelsea

    Loving all the pessimism on here. Geeez I like it. Without kante we need the defensive help and alonso has proven himself to be a very good wing back. Only slightly strange one is Willian. But in lamps I trust. So let's go!
  15. Chelsea 2-2 Sheffield United

    Good to see the plastics have already turned on lampard. Jokers. He made mistakes today for sure. But so did several players. Its a learning curve for all involved but that's what we signed up for so are to expect. Lots of encouraging signs and some big issues to fill. We are missing key players in defence midfield and attack and as always. This was always gonna be a roller-coaster year. As for the people joking (I hope) saying their done then please do go the fanbase will be better without you. Super frankie always (doesn't make him beyond criticism!)!