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  1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Dont love it but don't hate it either Courtois money makes it doable but definitely seems like a bit of a gamble for a relatively untested keeper. Haven't heard or seen much of him but he's obviously a very promising young keeper and the way the market is going could be a relative steal with such a long contract. Maybe we could have got better but it's a supply and demand situation with a lack of time so better that than try and roll into the season with a dodgy keeper. If players don't want to be here get rid. Ain't no name bigger than the club. Especially with the players we currently have. Get in line or get out.
  2. Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

    Common theme of us dropping off second half. Partly to be expected in pre season but would be nice to see the first half performances for 90 mins
  3. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Gotta love that the pub is still running. How's it going guys? Been ages.
  4. Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

    (First Post in years, how is everyone doing?) We look good. Jorginho, Hudson odoi etc are really promising But morata and our keeper situation is concerning. At this point I'd rather we played the kid upfront and let him run in behind.
  5. James Rodríguez

    James would be a nice addition. He's not worth anywhere near 70 mil though, not that it really matters to anyone other than roman. Luiz Terry Kante Fabregas Willian James hazard Costa Is just about as attacking as it gets. But if it happens I can see oscar on the way out in Jan or fabregas if he keeps playing matic and kante.
  6. Deadline Day!

    Not expecting too much excitement today from us. But maybe elsewhere.
  7. Michy Batshuayi

    Excited to have him. And beat other clubs to the signing. Hopefully the next drogba has just arrived.
  8. John Terry

    Yes JT legend. So happy he has signed. Best leader we will ever have. His on and off the presence is too huge to lose. What a legend.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    The Question is who do you bring in if you sack mourniho. Mouronho is one of the best managers tactically in the world yet this season we have been a farce. Personally i wouldn't sack him, as the players clearly need a rocket up thier arse. Also if he has "los the dressing room" which i doubt is anywhere close to the extent people will want you to believe, the bigger problem we have is players so up themselves they won't play their best because of a manager. And if thats the case we are deeply screwed whatever we do on the Mourinho front.
  10. The English Football Thread

    Spurs looking good. United sucking.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Lets be honest. We could get rid of him and get any other manager in the world and will lose just as many if not more. Style of football could of course be different, but in terms of pure wins, you'd find it hard to beat mou. He is a pure winner. Love that its been renewed, hope he sticks around for all those years.
  12. The English Football Thread

    Gf has been dropped back home. The weekend of football can begin.
  13. PSG v Chelsea

    Some people overreact so much it's crazy.
  14. NY Red Bulls 4-2 Chelsea

    I'm gonna assume the pre season over - reaction is highhhh...