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  1. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I vehemently disagree with that notion. In my time as a PL fan (past 10-15 years) I have seen only a few players who were able to move with the ball at their feet with such precision and efficiency as Drogba; rarely did a touch of his feel wasted when he was in control of the ball. Having seen you listing someone like Van Nistelrooy among the PL players you claim had a better close control than Drogba though, it'll be for the best if we just agree to disagree
  2. 9. Álvaro Morata

    The disrespect for Drogs though. His close control is one of the best ever in Premier League history.
  3. 30. David Luiz

    For real. This club is pure trash-TV drama at times
  4. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Fucking finally.
  5. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    Any reliable information why he was dropped? We don't really need more drama lol
  6. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Yeah, that third goal was pathetic. It's also getting clearer and clearer that other GKs have surpassed Courtois at this point. You can count the games Courtois single-handedly won us in the past 3 years on one hand; that's just not good enough for a someone who's supposed to be top-3 in his position. You can blame our defense as long as you want but like strikers, sometimes you just need your GK to win a game on his own.
  7. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    God damn, the worse we play the better the comments here
  8. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Alonso is slower than a corpse ffs
  9. General Transfer Talk

    I've been on the Fekir hype train for well over 3 years now. It's time more passengers hopped onto this train
  10. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    New Kalou in the making. It's not that far-fetched, actually; there's a huge gulf in class between Batshuayi's performanes as a starter and those as a sub.
  11. 28. César Azpilicueta

    You know you're going through a terrible form when someone like Kolarov (!) can get by you. I've never seen Cesar's reactions this off, is it fatigue?
  12. Chelsea 3-3 Roma

    Willian, confused as to why Conte put him onto the pitch, passes the ball to the billboard.
  13. Chelsea 3-3 Roma

  14. Chelsea 3-3 Roma

    Conte deserved that Dzeko goal. Setting the team up this defensively at fucking home against an inferior team is pathetic.
  15. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Shocking stuff from Cesar, easily his worst game in a Chelsea kit. At times I thought he was drunk.