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  1. Claudio Marchisio

    I've wanted Claudio at Chelsea for years now. It won't happen though, he's a Torino boy for life.
  2. Stoke 1-2 Chelsea

    I don't trust Willian to create anything so all our hopes lie in a random Pedro curler or a Costa deflections.
  3. Stoke 1-2 Chelsea

    Yeah, I've had better predictions in the past
  4. Stoke 1-2 Chelsea

    With Hazard out there is still no way Willian AND Pedro will start together against a PL team. It'll be a 3-5-2 with Fabregas in midfield for sure.
  5. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    Mikel's one of the finest passers of the ball this club has seen.
  6. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    It's called "YOLO".
  7. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    It's actually easy to spot though, one just needs to follow Fabregas and Nate and see where they're positioning themselves. They've spent most of time in our own half or close to it, even when we've attacked. Zouma has no place in a team in which 2 of 3 CBs have to be de facto playmakers.
  8. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    It's actually even worse when you remind yourself that Cahill plays on his off-side and does a decent amount of passing and dribbling with his left foot. Zouma looks beyond terrible on his good side fml
  9. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    Zouma's on-ball skills are so much worse than Cahill's, it's absolutely terrifying.
  10. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    Willian is a born bottler in front of the goal.
  11. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    Zouma ffs
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Koulibaly remains an overrated player for me. I have yet to see a decent game of his.
  13. 7. N'Golo Kante

    N'Golo playing for all of us 5'7" guys
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hazard had his probably best defensive game for us ever yesterday. Clyne didn't do anything all night long because Hazard was doing his part closing out and blocking passing lanes.
  15. 15. Victor Moses

    I think that's down to the numbers though. The lack of dominance by us as a whole emphasizes the few chances we do create in the half-field and skews the perception when we fuck up said chances; that concerns our right flank especially when Moses plays with Willian (not saying Willian is the root but definitely a factor for Moses being more ineffective offensively).