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  1. Diego Costa

    If he wasn't a cunt he wouldn't be half the player he is. Adiós Diego, it was a unique experience having you at this club!
  2. The Board

    Ah yes, how could a woman ever grasp the concept of a sport which revolves around 22 human beings chasing a ball on a rectangle field of grass. Sure, female quantum physicists have helped humanity understand the origins of everything a bit more and of course female scientists have also contributed towards fighting and defeating deadly diseases BUT FOOTBALL? No chance, mate.
  3. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Watch Cesar karate-kick the shit out of 3 opponents at the same time and get send off so Conte has to take off Musonda tonight
  4. Neymar

    Cavani would start over Morata.
  5. Neymar

    "Neymar since unfollowed him on IG." has to be the most 2010's sentence I've ever read.
  6. 24. Gary Cahill

    It's impossible to read "Dan Levene" and not post "FUCK DAN LEVENE". FUCK DAN LEVENE.
  7. 24. Gary Cahill

    I'm tired, Robbie.
  8. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Get the pitchforks ready boys
  9. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Not sure why Pedro's grabbing N'Golo's hand on his knee tho
  10. 27. Andreas Christensen

    How so? Courtois didn't spend a single day in our academy.
  11. 21. Davide Zappacosta

  12. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.
  13. 9. Álvaro Morata

    He truly is the new Torres
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hazard's about to debut the new Nike Flyknits which look absolutely gorgeous https://news.nike.com/news/mercurial-vapor-flyknit-ultra
  15. 21. Davide Zappacosta

    Lol'ing at all this talk about crossing. Crossing's arguably one of the most useless parts of a fullback's game in modern-day football.