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  1. Southampton 0-3 Chelsea

    Rudiger only a 5!!! The guy was awesome today I thought. And deffo better than Luiz.
  2. Chelsea 1-0 Videoton

    This game really underlines our desperate need for a proven goalscorer.I know its great Morata scored but the guy missed a sitter in the first half, and when he scored you'd have thought it was an own goal he got. He has now dropped below Batshuayi in my rekoning. But on the up side Arrizabalaga is beginning to show how good a keeper he really is.
  3. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    The vultures will always circle a big club like us, waiting to get their teeth into us at any opportunity. I too am waiting for the blip and to see our response, but until then I will enjoy what I am seeing. We seem to be playing with less pressure than previous seasons as nobody expects us to really compete come the business end of the season. So lets enjoy it and hope we can at least get a Champions league spot, which to me would be a good season.
  4. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    While I see your concerns Jason, if you look at the BIGGER bigger picture, at the start of the season you would have taken this start with both hands. Krapp,sorry, Klopp has had 4 years at Pool and is only seeing the fruits of his work now, and they've still won fuck all. Sarri has had 10 weeks and the transformation has been amazing. From boring defensive football to attacking football and happy people playing it is great. I will admit I was concerned about our defensive frailities, but against Liverpool today they played well. Rudiger to me is a bit of an unsung hero, and Luiz today was outstanding. They are all getting the Sarri message loud and clear and seem to be loving it I really hope Sarri stays, gets the players he wants and continues with his philosophy of pure football. Even if we dont win anything this season I think we are now finally heading in the right direction... and quicker than I ever dreamed of.
  5. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    This will be a totally different game than wednesday. Hazard I fear will be either kicked up in the air or shadowed by two for the whole game. This is where we need the others to step up and share the load. A first real test for Jorginho to show that he can unlock defences and conrol the game when the pressure is on. Defence too will need to play their A game. Hopefully Rudiger is fit as he had Salah on toast the last time at the Bridge. I want to see Giroud start as I think he can trouble them if he gets to carry on his recent link-up play with Hazard.. What I am very pissed off at is that I will miss watching this game because i have to bring my missus to see CLIFF FUCKING RICHARD.........CLIFF FUCKING RICHARD!!! I ask you, Shouldn't he be in a care home or a graveyard or something?? Could I use this in court as grounds for divorce ????????
  6. Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Aspi was very poor tonight. Christensen, as I've said before always has at least one bad mistake in him per game. Morata, well the less said about his performance the better, just awful. Moses gave away so many balls in dangerous positions. Barkey started well but faded badly in the second half. Fabregas good first half also........And then we have Hazard.....What can I say, only brilliant..... fucking brilliant. Stuck it right up those scousers arses. I think it was two nutmegs and a bullet finish..Only the Carabao cup, but I am fucking buzzing
  7. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    And if we lost to PAOK that too would have been on Sarri. And no doubt had we lost that you'd have called it a shit show too.
  8. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    Well lets be honest about this game. We huffed and puffed but really created sod all until near the end. The best chance of the game came to West Ham via yarmelenco. We play nice attractive football, but the end product just isn't there yet. No killer instinct. Giroud was given no service, Hazard had a very off day, marked tightly and poor decisions in the box. The guy needs to be more ruthless. He was too eager for Morata to score and thats where he needs to think again. Morata is getting paid enough to make his own chances, although he was unlucky when he came on. Barkey too played well when he came on. But lets all be honest we didn't create enough and although we had the lions share of possession we were limited to half chances and could have easily lost this had West Ham taken their chances
  9. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    We really need to move the ball quicker in the final third, also get some bloody crosses in. Girouds height is being wasted up front.
  10. West Ham 0-0 Chelsea

    Never look forward to playing this lot. We all know that they will up their game 200% to try to beat us. I have visions of us against Palace away last season and just hope that if we play our game, not let them wind us up and be a bit more efficient in front of goal we can win.Following their good result last week they will be well up for this .Not a very happy hunting ground for us but Sarri has us purring and I am more than happy with us so far. My concern is when we do hit a blip, how we react. And I dont want that blip to be against bottom feeders like West f@cking Ham
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    This season, both for club and country, Eden looks like a man on a mission. I think that he is probably finally realising that he has been on the verge of breaking into that "World Superstar" bracket and this season is the one to dispel his doubters. This is the one where he makes that final step up to super stardom. People have talked about him and said "Yes he's good, but not quite Ronaldo or Messi". Eden knows he has the ability, and I think he is really going to show people what he really has to give to football, and he will thrive under Sarri. Hopefully I am right, but on a sad note, if this is what he does, I think he will be gone next season to the sunny Spanish shores.
  12. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    I have to say that although I am still worried about our defensive frailities, I am very impressed so far with our style of play. If it had been the same starting fixtures for us last season we would now only have a total of 4 points. A draw with Arse and a win against Huddersfield, while the other two both knocked 3 past us in the corresponding fixtures. So 12 points out of 12, no matter how you look at it is a huge step up from last year. Now the Welsh boys come knocking and I can see them leaving the Bridge having been given a lesson in pure football. 3-0 to us and 15 out of 15 will do nicely.
  13. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth

    Whereas I totally agree with you on our defensive frailities I think that perhaps you are not giving Chelsea enough credit for the way we play. When you say Arse fucked up, Yes to an extent they did. They could have had a few goals but for poor finishing. But on the other hand we took our chances and kept playing with our high press to keep them under the cosh even after they had come back. Last season under Conte we would have thrown in the towel at 2-2 and closed up shop through fear. Bournemouth yes could have had 2 goals, but again fluffed their lines, but we took our chances, after grinding them down. It is very hard to play against a nine man defence and we have done that in our last two games. Newcastle reminded me of us against City last season, and we did to Newcastle what City done to us. I totally agree about our defence and bigger teams will punish us. This part of the team has had no investment during the transfer window, and Luiz is a worry. But look at Klopp at Liverpool, same scenario last year. A rolls Royce forward line, and a Morris Minor defence, but he worked on it slowly and now has a formidable defence. Sarri will do the same in time. Everyone sees our weakness, but everyone also sees the huge culture change that is happening at the Bridge, and I for one love it. Yes we are poor at the back at times, Yes, we also ride our luck at times too, but the football is good and a work in progress. If you had been offered 4 wins out of your first 4 games you would have said perhaps a tad ambitious, but we have done it with a team in transition. Even if we win nothing this season I am liking what I see, and I think in time we will see a much improved team including our defence, and Luiz will slowly be eased out of the side. The way I see us playing now is that if the opposition score 3 we will score 4. We will create chances, and so will the opposition, because thats the way we are set up, and we,as fans, will take some time to get used to it after the way the team over the past 10 years has been set up more defensively minded under Mourinho and Conte. So Bigbluewillie, sit back and enjoy the ride my friend, it's gonna big fun.
  14. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth

    This was another game where we were like a rolls royce going forward. Lovely football, and everyone knowing the part they play in it, and I love it. But.......defensively we still need a shitload of work. I know we kept a clean sheet but the unforced errors and poor positioning are a big worry for me. Luiz could have cost us a goal through a mistake and then another by not tracking back, Ake unmarked in the box should have scored from a corner but we got lucky. In our last two games we have had over 70% of the play which means our defending is mainly done by attacking, but when we play the bigger teams and we have less possession I am a tad fearful for our defenders and I'm not sure if Christensen or Luiz are the answer. I would love to see one signing in the next window and that's Harry Maguire, a no nonsence centre back who could become.an integral part of our team. But this is probably a pipe dream to far.
  15. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth

    I feel that Bournemouth will be an even bigger test than Arsenal gave us. Eddie Howe is a very astute manager and they seem to love coming to the Bridge. They have nothing to lose and all to gain, whereas we on the other hand really need this win to banish the demons of last season. I can see it being a very tight game with us leading but coming under lot of pressure in the second half as they come to terms with our "Sarriball". The great thing about this game is its live on "Irish"TV Crisps and beer (non-alcoholic) at the ready