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  1. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    As predicted...........Pure shite
  2. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Sorry guys but I dont have faith in this team anymore to be able to win this game. Can see it petering out to a 1-1 draw.
  3. Ray Wilkins MBE

    Apologies if this is placed in the wrong forum I see breaking news says Ray Wilkins has died. One of Chelsea's finest during a very tough era for the club. A true legend. Rest in Peace Ray.
  4. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    Redknap revelling in the win and drooling over the goals with Alli and Ericksen. The prick never finished a game in his life. I wonder if we had won would he interview our players
  5. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    70% blame on the board for not backing him.....But he still has a fairly handy squad to work with, and he lost some handy games during the season. His apparent lack of enthusiasm for the fight and his constant public moaning over the board decisions has definitely rubbed off on the players.
  6. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    5 league defeats in our last 7 games........I've seen lesser managers sacked for less than that.
  7. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    My daughter is 27 and this is the first time she has seen them bastards win in the league at the Bridge. Looking at this squad she will get used to it
  8. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    We're chasing shadows and it's embarrassing to watch. Simply put, we are no longer a top four side. We dont have the players, passion or pride, and the manager couldn't give a rats arse as he knows he's gone either tomorrow or at the end of the season.
  9. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    Utter rubbish in the second half. Conte would have known spurs were going to change their game and up the tempo, but he done nothing to counteract it. The guy is done.....finished
  10. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    The female presenter on the BBC after watching the draw said "Chelsea play Manchester United and Tottenham will play Southampton". WTF !! I had to rewind in case I was dreaming we got Southampton. This could be our year PS......Wait until you hear Jose bitching about having to play the Spuds at Wembley. Another 12 minute rant on the way !!!
  11. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    Ahhh, the good old days when "we were shite and we knew we were". But we loved it all the same. No great expectations like we have now !!!!
  12. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    Whatd'ya mean "we were shit back then"??? We were a top team in the "Full Members Cup"
  13. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Fuck this shit. Lets bring in Terry and Lampard and give them charge of the team. We would have an English mentality, Terry's defensive knowledge and Lampards flair up front. They would at least instill in the players a desire to play for the club and a winning mentality
  14. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Exactly the point Jason. 3 wins against shit teams, thats all I'm saying.........No offence intended mate. I'm just as frustrated as you.
  15. The Conte Thread

    And what makes you think he will still be here until then ? After today he can f#ck off. His lack of ambition and negative press conferences are rubbing off on the players. If the manager isn't prepared to give a f#uk then the players will find it hard to play for him