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  1. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    The guy said nothing wrong tonight. He actually said we "bossed" the midfield and deserved the game. TBH I like him too
  2. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    Now you know !!!!!
  3. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    I hope Conte has worked on how our guys handle being pressed high up the pitch. Every time we are pressed high we cant play ourfootball. City done it to us and we looked an average outfit. Alonso needs o be awake from the start and I'd play Aspi on the right. Please God that Kante is fit, because if he's not we're fucked. I'd pair Drinkwater with him and leave Bakayoko on the bench as he's too slow, gets caught way too often on the ball and gives some very wayward passes. Back three of Rudiger, Luiz and Christensen, up front Pedro, Hazard and I suppose Morata, but he's gone way off the boil. We need to chase down this United side and not let them chase us and dictate the play or we're in deep shit. Also Cabilerro played very well against Everton and Courtois is certainly not setting the Premiership alight this season. Our guys need a kick in the arse to wake them up. Time for them to show some passion for the job, for the club and for the supporters who pay out big money week in week out to support them Com'n you Blues KTBFFH.
  4. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Only one player has done that for us in a while now..........Kante.....Without him we're fucked. The rest just pick up their 100 grand a week, fuck the bonus's for winning, we can live without them
  5. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Just thinking that an X-rated performance like that should be uploaded to Pornhub !!!
  6. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Will be sold on at a fucking huge loss unless he grows a pair and mans up. He doesn't scare defenders like Costa did, and hasn't the physical presence to be a lone striker. I fear he will struggle in the league and he looks worn out already !!!!
  7. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Unfair to West Brom I think. Their players will at least let you know you were in a game and put up a fight.Our lot are all total Divas !!!!!!
  8. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    On the basis of tonight, that could be a tough ask !!!!!
  9. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Memories of 2 seasons ago come flooding back. No Heart, no fight and couldn't give a fuck attitude is back with a bang. They'll (Players) all blame Conte and get him the sack. How many fucking times have we as Chelsea fans seen this happen in the last 10 years ??
  10. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Not much point in bringing him on I Think. Drinkwater and Kante Sunday for me. Bakayoko is too fucking slow and Fabregas wont get room to play his passes (which have been poor this season anyway)
  11. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    I have not seen a premier league side in years make as many individual mistakes as we have made tonight. Man of the match on here will be interesting !!!!!!!!!!.
  12. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    This team will break up at the end of the season..No way will Hazard, Courtois, Pedro Willian stay around for this shite
  13. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    How fucking many times this season has Bakayoko been caught napping on the ball.
  14. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Just watched Hazard attacking on the left and Morata calmly strolling into the box. He's no fucking Costa that's for sure. The guy has offered nothing so far tonight.
  15. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    This is pure shhhhhhhhiiiiiiite. Fucking embarrassing