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  1. The Pre-Season Thread

    Bought two tickets today for Chelsea v Arsenal at the Aviva today and paid out a hefty €187 for them. I was planning to give one to my mate and we would knock a good night out of it. The wife asked me did I get my ticket and I replied "Yes, I got two" she replied "OH great, I've never been to a game and as thats our 34th wedding anniversary so I'll go with you". I haven't the heart to tell her it wasn't for her !!!!!! well what the fuck was I to say ???????????? Well she better wear the jersey and shout for the blues or its divorce
  2. Next Manager?

    Press said that Chelsea would appoint a new manager on Thursday May 31st. No no, sorry, we meant Thursday June 7th Er...no we meant Monday 11th Whats the next "deadline" lads ????????????
  3. Next Manager?

    When Warnock was Notts County boss many moons ago, and they were in the "First Division" as it was then called. We tried to hire him as our manager and he refused the offer. He said in later years that it was the biggest mistake of his life. So I doubt if we would offer him a second chance
  4. Next Manager?

    Its all becoming clear now exactly whats happening The board want Conte gone and hope madrid come for him so they dont have to pay 9 million...Sarri wants to come in but the board dont want to pay 8 million but they want him....Blanc is a back up and Jokanovic is there just in case all the rest goes pear shaped. So now Sarri cant leave Napoli because he is still under contract, and Conte has been offered the Madrid job, which would open up the field here, but he has supposedly turned it down as he wants to see out his contract here, and our board would hate to see him go to Madrid and be successful, and that's now become a dilemma for them. Blanc is desperate as he's out of work for the past 3 years,but he would never be offered the Madrid job so why should we want him, and Jokanovic would just love to manage a big 6 club as he has nothing to lose, a bit like AVB when he came. Yep its all very clear now !!! To the Board of CFC.....Antonio Conte...........Come out and BACK HIM or SACK HIM........And do it now for the good of the club
  5. Next Manager?

    Maybe I'm wrong here guys, but I am really pissed off at the "transfer targets" I am hearing... Jokanovic or Blanc for manager ??These guys dont fill me with awe and wonder and would really have to do something very special at Chelsea to win me over. Now I see Rondon being touted as a potential striker and Shakuiri from Stoke as another buy (this may only be a bad rumour).After Drinkwater and Barkley did we not learn?? Christ people where is our ambition ?? To keep Hazard happy and at Chelsea we need to be buying big to match his ambition. And we also need a manager to match this too, We treat Conte like a social outcast, not telling him whether he's still in or out. Get this sorted. We are falling behind our big 6 rivals and unless we get our heads out of our arses we will end up in the middle 10, chasing the big 6 !! We have no firm bids for any player who would improve the quality of our side, while City and United forge ahead picking up world class talent effortlessly, whether it be players or managers. What the fuck is our Board doing?? We lack leadership and direction and most of all, ambition. And I put the blame squarely with our board and owner. If Roman has a beef with the English Government he should not use us as a pawn in this battle and I think he is, especially after cancelling the new stadium. If you're that pissed off then sell the club. I'm certain we would have plenty of buyers who would love a piece of us. But if you are keeping us, then back us, and put the money in. Because if we want to remain one of the Big 6 we need to spend, and with the type of spending on potential managers and players I see being touted I am really very disillusioned and fear for our future. Sort it out Chelsea board ...You start paying peanuts and skimping, you get monkeys......... And the fans WILL turn on you.....Even you Roman.
  6. Next Manager?

    Blanc as manager, Rondon up front and Shaquiri as our midfield engine !!!!! Mid table mediocrity here we come.
  7. Next Manager?

    Bring in Big Sam, he would suit us fine..... but what would I know, I'm mad as a brush In all honesty our club seems to be in complete disarray. No direction at the moment. I never liked Emenalo and thought he was just there for the money, but we seem to be all at sea since he left. Sometimes be careful what you wish for.
  8. Next Manager?

    Do you know that us, as Chelsea fans are being treated deplorably by the club. Rumour and counter rumours have been flying around for weeks now about our managerial position, and the board and Mr Abrahamovich have said diddly squat.All sodded off to warmer weather and couldn't give a rats arse about us. Without us, this club would be nothing but we are not worthy of a few words from them to confirm or deny all the rumours. We are allegedly one of the "Big 6" but acting like the club that is preparing for mid-table mediocrity for the future. Manager not being backed, potential new managers being messed about, players being told there wont be any more contract talks and they can sod off, star players not being given the assurances they ask for in order for them to stay.. Sunday league sides have more direction than us at the moment. I am sick and tired of this merry-go-round and pissed off that nobody from the club has spoken out to placate us, the fans, who after all are the life blood of the club. Com'n Chelsea board, tell us what is happening, tell us what direction the club is going to take and give us some glimmer of hope for the coming season. We pay towards your f@cking wages so we at least deserve that much. RANT OVER Sorry guys, frustration has finally got the better of me and apologies for any offence incurred
  9. Next Manager?

    We've had a poor season missing out on the top 4. Now it's gonna be a poorer off season. Think I'll switch to watching cricket !!!!!!!
  10. Next Manager?

    Dont want Blanc near the Bridge. Sarri seems a dead deal now, so Conte is still with us.... Now the club should back him, he hasn't done that bad a job and he's way better than Blanc.. .How come none of the papers has linked us with "Big Sam"???....Yet
  11. Next Manager?

    I agree with you mate..Just hope the likes of Hazard and Kante dont follow suit. Would be very tough to watch a midfield of Drinkwater, Barkley week in week out. With Sam Allardice as our head coach, all because Roman has lost interest because he got no visa.
  12. Next Manager?

    Add to your list that we are now selling Tibo Courtois. And the exodus begins
  13. Next Manager?

    Abrahamovic out of the country and cant get back in. Conte out of the country and doesn't want to come back in. Sarri out of the country and wants to get in. So Sarri cant get in cause Roman's out and Conte's in, and until Roman comes in and puts Conte out, Sarri cant come in. Keep up peoples, it's all very simple............I think
  14. Next Manager?

    I have to correct you on this. Bakayoko has always played "one touch" football with us. It's usually one touch, miss-control and the ball is gone to the opposition
  15. Next Manager?

    Totally agree. We dont want another AVB in the house.