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Stamford Bridge thread

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Hi. Here is a first *rough* colour render. I've so many things to fix on this image, but thought I'd show you what progress has been made.

The design of the four new stands will take their inspiration not from the uniform style of most recent stadiums, but from the buttresses, pillars and gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey in whose

It'll be close to 65k. 2 Bridges, 1 to West Brompton and 1 to the back of Fulham Broadway. They will lower the ground. Wembley is looking the most likely temp ground.

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9 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

Fans from London want to stay on SB? Moving to different place is not a option?

We tried that already (Battersea for example).

Chelsea already struggle financially without CL football and in 10 years even qualifying for CL may not be enough.

We need a new stadium, a new stadium would massively increase our income for the club to go out and get new players. Also to not heavily rely on Abramovich’s money.

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17 hours ago, Mana said:

So that’s it then? Once this permission expires, we will have to start all over again asking permission within all fronts.

We are the only top 6 club with such a small stadium.

Worse than that

Until COVID-19 (who the hell knows what the financial shape of the top 100 clubs in Europe will be post crisis) 

it was on track for us to be the only top 32 European clubs with no new or large, renovated stadium within 2 to 3 or so years

I comment on each

this list is ordered per player total value, not in terms of quality of club

1    Manchester City   modern, giant stadium
2    Liverpool FC    adding even more new expansions
3    Real Madrid   soon, along with Barca, will have the biggest football only brand new billion euro renovated stadium, I have document both multiple times 
4    FC Barcelona   see Real Madrid
5    Paris Saint-Germain   massive new renovation part of a billion euro overall upgrade of all their physical plant
6    Bayern Munich    modern, giant stadium
7    Atlético Madrid   recently opened monster new stadium
8    Tottenham Hotspur  recently opened monster new stadium
9    Chelsea FC   fucked
10    Manchester United  panning huge renovation and expansion of OT
11    Juventus FC recently opened monster new stadium
12    Arsenal FC   renovation planned for the Emirates
13    Borussia Dortmund  more renovations planned, already is a HUGE stadium
14    Inter Milan  brand new huge stadium planned to start soon, along with AC Milan
15    SSC Napoli    brand new stadium to be soon built finally, they had THE WORST stadium (despite the atmospherics and intimidation factor) on this list, it was a true shithole
16    RB Leipzig   modern, large newer stadium
17    Valencia CF    brand new stadium finally will be finished soon
18    Everton FC  brand new stadium to open in a couple years
19    Leicester City    modern stadium, planned expansion to well over 40,000 with far more luxe boxes
20    Olympique Lyon   giant new stadium built several years back
21    Bayer 04 Leverkusen  soon a large renovation/expansion of BayArena  
22    Ajax Amsterdam   renovation already coming
23    AS Roma   brand new stadium, Stadio Della Roma, soon started
24    AC Milan    see Inter (I understand the money situ, but I still find it insane these two monster clubs will still share a pitch)
25    SS Lazio    giant new stadium, Stadio delle Aquile soon built
26    SL Benfica   renovated huge stadium 
27    Sevilla FC   complete renovation and massive expansion (entire new third tier and massive luxe boxes) soon starts
28    FC Porto  renovated huge stadium  
29    Olympique Marseille  recently renovated and another planned expansion coming 
30    FC Schalke 04    modern, huge stadium, and total renovation/expansion planned
31   Villarreal CF  brand new stadium, Estadio de la Cerámica, being built
32   Hertha BSC  renovated Olympiastadion a couple years back, then will move to a new giant one


other notable clubs

Sporting CP   large, modern stadium, renovation coming once their financials are sorted
Real Sociedad    New Anoeta opened in 2019
Wolverhampton Wanderers    massive new ground up renovation expansion soon started
West Ham United    not ideal but they do have a huge stadium, a new one, with tonnes of luxe boxes
Borussia Mönchengladbach   modern stadium, expansion/renovation on the books soon
ACF Fiorentina  Nuovo Stadio Fiorentina, over 40,000 cap, soon started
Real Betis Balompié  recently renovated and increased to 61,000 capacity  
Athletic Bilbao   new modern, 52K cap stadium recent built
VfL Wolfsburg   modern large stadium, with renovations coming
Eintracht Frankfurt   massive expansion to over 60,000 soon started 
Zenit St. Petersburg    huge new stadium from WC    
CSKA Moscow   huge new stadium from WC
Spartak Moscow    huge new stadium from WC


Wolves are getting a 50,000 seater renovation with many luxe boxes

Wolves unveil £40m football stadium redevelopment plan | News ...


Nuovo Stadio Fiorentina (I love this design, and ffs, even Fiorentina is getting this done)

New Fiorentina Stadiumfiorentinanew2.jpgfiorentinanew4.jpgfiorentinanew5.jpgfiorentinanew6.jpg

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Chelsea’s £1bn stadium could be revived under planning rule change


Chelsea FC could be given an extra year to start work on Stamford Bridge stadium, after the government announced changes to the current planning system.

Planning consents for the £1bn Stamford Bridge overhaul expired at the end of March because Chelsea FC failed to start construction on the project, despite receiving planning permission three years ago.

However, there is fresh hope that the project will be brought back from the brink after Housing, Communities & Local Government secretary Robert Jenrick yesterday announced changes to planning rules in order to spark a post-Covid construction boom.

Jenrick announced that "planning permission deadlines will be extended, planning appeals will be sped up and builders will be allowed more flexible working hours following agreements with their local council".

Planning permission usually expires after three years if work has not started onsite. However, sites with consent that have an expiry date between the start of lockdown (March 23) and the end of this year will now see their consent extended to 1 April 2021.

Jenrick said that these measures “will prevent work that has been temporarily disrupted by the pandemic from stopping altogether”.

As Chelsea’s planning consent expired on the 31 March, it could be subject to the extension. More details about which schemes will qualify for the planning extension will be revealed when legislation is tabled later this week.

Jenrick added: “New laws will enable us to speed up the pace of planning appeals and save hundreds of construction sites from being cancelled before they have a chance to get spades in the ground, helping to protect hundreds of thousands of jobs and create many others.

“Taken together, these measures will help to keep workers safe and our economy moving as we work together to bounce back from the pandemic.”

Work never got underway at the site after Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich pulled the project after its estimated cost rose from £500,000 to an estimated £1bn.

Under the original plan, the existing 41,600-seater stadium in west London would be demolished to make way for the construction of the new 60,000 capacity football stadium and an ancillary stadium.

The 6.2ha site is bounded by London Underground’s District line to the north-west, and the Southern mainline railway to the east. Currently, these lines are in open air cuttings, but to increase the capacity of the stadium, decks would be built over the top of the lines to allow the footprint of the stadium to be increased.

Under the plans, the roof of the stadium would be supported by 264 radial steel roof trusses that will span 50m over the stadium bowl. The trusses are supported by a steel tension ring arrangement which is supported by the same number of vertical concrete columns around the stadium’s perimeter.

The main columns around the perimeter of the structure would then be clad in brick.




Prayer prayers praying GIF on GIFER - by Kazragar

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Yeah but I doubt that extension will get us anywhere. I for one cant see us do it within the new time-limit. As Vesper says we are def. being left in the dust in that regard.

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3 hours ago, killer1257 said:

Who knows when people can come back to stadiums

Gesendet von meinem VOG-L29 mit Tapatalk

I.e. this would be the perfect time to start building a new one. When stands are empty nobody cares whether we are playing at the Bridge or at Wembley.

Sadly it doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon if ever?

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If we are serious about this pandemic thing then there should be no audiences in stadiums till there is mass immunization by vaccination or infection. It is not even necessary to have audiences at all IMO. Maybe we should wait for how this situation develops before considering new stadium plans

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