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Stamford Bridge thread

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7 hours ago, Chelsea Buzz said:

Good lord, let's hope we do not have a 40+ year old Terry and 35+ year old Ivanovic playing for us 5 years from now in 2021! :P

Lol...that's Messi in the pic though, right? Spoilers.....?

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Hi. Here is a first *rough* colour render. I've so many things to fix on this image, but thought I'd show you what progress has been made.

The design of the four new stands will take their inspiration not from the uniform style of most recent stadiums, but from the buttresses, pillars and gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey in whose

It'll be close to 65k. 2 Bridges, 1 to West Brompton and 1 to the back of Fulham Broadway. They will lower the ground. Wembley is looking the most likely temp ground.

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40 minutes ago, kmk108 said:

Seeing these renderings makes me so excited.

The time spent away from the Bridge is going to be miserable. Not being home and having to anticipatory wait.

Its not being kind to the Pikeys is it?

Where are we going while work is going on? Or are they working around us?

I hope theres some consultation with the supporters too. It would be great to make the home end back in The Shed and we can swap season ticket seats, OR SAFE STANDING!!

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10 hours ago, Kostas said:

Yeah just read that.

Good vid with it. Gave me goosebumps

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Panning officer: plan is for 1yr of works to take place while Chelsea remain at Stamford Bridge. Then 3yrs playing elsewhere to complete it.

Planning officer: proposed stadium will be of a similar height to existing one. (This is of importance when it comes to views of St Paul's).

Planning officer: the officers recommendation is to grant planning permission, subject to conditions. And there he ends his introduction.

Paul Heagren says the design recalls Westminster Abbey, and uses London Brick as a material.

David Johnstone on Stamford Bridge: "This is not our second home or our spiritual home. This is our home."

David Johnstone: "Fulham Broadway is a place we love and cherish." Says Stamford Bridge keeps local businesses alive.

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We can all wax lyrical about how good the ground will look but the real concern is how much tickets will cost in 2021. The average fan has already been priced out and the amount of corporate seating will be off the scale. Wembley looks the only viable option but not sure how much of the ground will be fully open. Doubt we would get 60,000 for the visit of Burnley, Swansea etc although away fans will come down in numbers because of the Wembley effect. Another drawback of playing at Wembley is the area is a massive shithole and makes Tottenham look like Primrose Hill.

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Stamford Bridge expansion: Take a sneak peek into what the new 60,000 seater Chelsea stadium could look like


Chelsea's new £500m stadium will be one of 'world’s best football arenas', say council leadersSome excellent full sized renders


Some excellent full sized renders


I would love to see us being able to take the Shed End back and able to swap our season tickets. Get all us noisey buggas all at one end and raise the roof of our new catherdral!

It would be alot of common and business sense if we made at least the ends safe standing. It gives alot more seats available thus more income OR EVEN BETTER BRING PRICES DOWN.

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This is the report on the stage one judgement of the scheme by the Mayor's office. The report is strongly supportive of the plan but includes findings that the rebuild does not fully comply with regulations in a couple of areas. These concern match day safety issues at Earl's Court station, particularly for weekday games, and carbon reduction issues in terms of energy usage. A summary of these is in paragraph 93 but if you search the terms you'll find further details in the body of the report.

I don't think these issues are insurmountable. If they can be resolved then Mayoral approval should happen pretty quickly but the report makes it clear that the club has to provide satisfactory answers, and agree to having the solutions written into the final conditions before they can resubmit the plan for stage 2 consideration.

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2 hours ago, kiwi1691 said:

They are just referring to a nothing story from the sun.

These things are sent to try us! But it would be great to have the club own the pitch we play on!

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