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I was bored...

chelsea 3-1 arsenal 1-1 spurs 0-3

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Exept this time, City have found a way to dominate, which we failed to do. Thanks to that deal, and the current football climate under FFP, they have the monopoly, that's the difference.

That remains to be seen, i would say.They do have the best financial situation. But as we saw today, it didn´t matter to much, they were absoloutly lucky to win this.

You sound like one of these apocalyptic priests on a high street, repeating that same one thing all the time without any actual prove. For all the money they have, they just managed to win the title.

Who says that if we win the CL we won´t attract a lot of hot piss players ?

History won´t repeat itself you say, but also history never happens exactly the way we try to predict it also. So, let´s wait and see, and hope that Chelsea will do some good buisness over the summer so that we can attack in the League next year.

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The Man U fan looking really happy at the end cracked me up..off celebrating on his own dont think he realised what had just happened

And the fans who left early..missing a last minute goal one thing but missing your team lifting the trophy...stupid

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The head was never gone at any stage, once I'd been sent off, one of our players suggested I should try to take 1 of theirs with me...

What an idiot...

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I don't think people are giving Man U enough credit though, have you seen the squad Man United have?, they had there best defender injured Vidic, who for me is the best centre back in the world.

They didn't spend that as much as City have. They've had to play youngsters most of the season fair to play to them, they did really well, yeah they got very lucky at times but still. City have spent miles more than we have, 38 million on Aguero, 30 million on Dzeko, 25 million on Balotelli, Tevez and Adebayor aswell.

Fucking Mancini brings back Tevez when he says he will never play again, also brings back Balotelli when he says he will never play again.

City won it in a poor season and still struggled, and managed to win on goal difference. For me they didn't deserve it.

Fully agreed. As much as I don't like United and Ferguson, what they've done is something to respect and I'm sorry they missed the title for so little to those tarts...

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Not going to read these 16 pages as it will inevitably be about Everton winning 3-1 like it is on every other forum ;)

Well done on finishing above liverpool by the way! Great end to the season you guys have had!

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