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The English Football Thread

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I think strongly florentino perez will still play his favorite hoppy in catch great players from other clubs

& will offer big bid for liverpool to let suarez go , and also can't imagine that liverpool may give suarez to any english club specially those who compete them like us & CITY . arsenal !

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If Spurs sack AVB we should try and steal Sandro

beast. a really good shot too, very physical but dont think his passing is that quality.. atleast not that i have seen.but still would be better than mikel/lamps/essien alongside rambo.

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After spent a fucking 1k mil Spurs' goal difference is minus 6, it's funny as hell.

A.V.B. was a god 4 weeks ago and Spuds fans said they were going to win the league..... I feel sorry for them :0)

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Just thinking back to the amount of abuse I received for saying I'd much rather we signed Suarez instead of Rooney...the arguments against me was that Suarez was 'too much of a cunt' and Rooney 'would create more'. :doh:

How times have changed! :lol: £50m looks like a steal now eh?

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AVB is a good manager and I feel bad for him. I like him but he manages a scum of a team. When we fired AVB, I was completely against but then again, I did not care after we won the Champions League with RDM. AVB still needs to get used to his regular starting 11 and he still hasn't adapted them to his breed of football. Time is vital here. Plus, there's nothing for Spurs to lose here. It's not as if Spurs are a top 4 team and they will lose out on huge profit if they dont make top 4. I think the 4th quarter of this year, Spurs will dominate like they did last year. I believe next season, Spurs will be in top 4, as long as they dont sack AVB.

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