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I was bored...

chelsea 3-1 arsenal 1-1 spurs 0-3

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New season, united still win while performing like shit. Some things never change..

We have a saying in Hindi that a dog's tail always remains bent (hard to translate it into English).

Same applies for Man United.

Except we will be the champs...

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Mourinho Must to Understand now that we must to buy a striker!

Don't let one game broadcast your thoughts or even worry for that matter.

It's there first game of the season, and they wont be our challengers I assure you. It's us or City in this one. I'll agree we need a striker, but we should get one just before the window closes.

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:lol: We're gonna have to thump Hull 15-0 if we're going to get the same amount of praise as Moyes will undoubtedly get from the media.

No if we score the media will just say

So what it's just a 1 in front of a 5. Van Persie and Welbeck scored 2.

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