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I was bored...

Staying with City till the end of the season is not surprising (frankly, you have to be pretty naive or in deep denial not to see that he wanted to from the start). What is surprising, is that he neve

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2 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

They are so fucking intense about some VAR stuff - yet every game there are dozens of foul throws, and goal keepers doing the big drop kick up the field out of their area obviously not important

The players and managers been out several times already and said no one knows wtf is going on, its only going to become worse and more obvious game by game until shit gets done.

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45 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

How have arsenal been allowed to get all their fans in?

Not really a lively bunch either. You'd thought with the possibility of Tier 3 and not being able to go for a while again and not having been for a while be more woooo!!

Leicester 2-0..pushes us down..boo

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Willian's "I will do a few useless static moves before I attempt a pointless cross or an unsuccessful dribble and all the momentum is gone" trademark move should have me feel relieved for getting rid of him (which I totally am!!!), but still, even as an Arsenal player now, I still shake my head (introduce 'facepalm' too) watching those lame moves. He is completely useless.

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