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I was bored...

chelsea 3-1 arsenal 1-1 spurs 0-3

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I think City are going to win the league, by far the fav. You think they would fire the Chilian? We would stick with Mou also?

They've been desperate for Pep for ages so I can see them firing Pellegrino for sure even if he wins the league.

Honestly, that would be terrible (in terms of other teams' prospects of winning the league) if City get Guardiola. Think they could dominate the PL for years with the funds, tactics, and draw that Pep is to players. Add to that their new youth setup, facilities, and expanded stadium, hiring Pep would put them over the top. He'd be THE man to make them into an elite European side.

Goddamn, I hope Bayern can convince him to stay.

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Think Klopp will do well at Liverpool but I would've been way more concerned if he had went to Arsenal after Wenger or United after Van Gaal. Even with Klopp, Liverpool still have quite a way to go.

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Lol some actually believe Klopp is better than Mourinho?

Err about the same. Klopp is defo better in counterattacking, pressing and developing young players whilst mourinho is better at bus parking, mind games and winning finals. They are both excellent motivators but don't know shit about how to get a team out of the slump. Also they both have deficiencies in buying players. Mourinho has more experience but who knows how much that counts for.

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Klopp probably wouldn't play Ivanovic right now.

I mean uhh, kinda sucks that Klopp is at Liverpool now. Although this league is getting even more epic.

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Klopp to Liverpool. It's official.

Klopp's first 5 Premier League games at Liverpool:

Tottenham (A)

Southampton (H)

Chelsea (A)

Crystal Palace (H)

Man City (A)

4 tough matches and 1 easy one...

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Very good manager, I don't think he will do miracles at Liverpool tho, can't see any current top 4 team dropping out longterm. Great to have him in the PL though!

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Now the sacking makes sense. Good move, I have to say. Young team, very good manager. But more importantly a team builder, something they really needed.

I just hope he doesn't have any magic in him this year. Losing out on a top four spot would be disastrous.

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