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Terry, Lamps and Cole should retire from England

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JT defintly.Poor bloke.Not given the armband but no doubt he'll turn up for the next game,didnt make a fuss or anything and yet still some papers slate him.Lampard will always be compared to Gerrard and now Wilshire no doubt not given any credit..do whats needed and yet get booed

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I've said this for a while that Lampard especially needs to go, he's not wanted there. But him and JT have too much pride to hang up their international boots. As for Cole...I think he plays because he knows he's the best there is so it's like a "fu" to the nay sayers... lol

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Tbh I can't be bothered most of the time with the national team. I get annoyed at most of the team and the slagging off of Chelsea players and how its one rule for our lads but its Ok to have a druggie Rio and thug gerrard as captain and a granny prossie shagger rooney in the side

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Its all very well to criticise Rooney, Gerrard and company, but Chelsea's players are hardly saints. Ashley Cole is a perfect example of that fact!

I support England because I'm English, and when players have the England shirt on, I don't care if they play for Arsenal, United or whoever. Granted I want Chelsea players to achieve the most (:D), but I'm a proud Englishman, and doubly proud when I see Lampard, Terry and Cole in the starting eleven.

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