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Official: Torres Signs

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Jimmy for Coach :champions:

Honestly, he made some good points here, and that's exactly why I was against this transfert. But now I hope Anelka's new position will bring us this creativity which we have lacked.

And to be frank I doubt Torres will justify his £50 million price tag. It's a big amount and I think barring Messi and CR7, nobody worth £50m at the moment. But if he can justify just some £25 million, I will be happy.

I think his commercial value will probably make back alot of that £50m.

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Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink believes Chelsea may have made a mistake by signing Fernando Torres.

The Spaniard arrived from Liverpoolspacer.gif for a British record £50million on transfer deadline day to bolster the Blues' forward line and aid their assault for trophies this term.

But former Chelseaspacer.gif striker Hasselbaink - who netted 70 goals in 136 league games for the Londoners - believes Carlo Ancelotti's side may have paid over the odds for the 26-year-old.

And he also reckons the Bluesspacer.gif should have spent the money on a creative influence, rather than adding to their selection of frontmen.

"He's a good player but he's not been playing consistently for the last two years," Hasselbaink told Sky Sports News HD. "So in a way I'm a little bit surprised that he cost £50million - which is a lot of money.

"And the problem Chelsea have had this year is creating goal-scoring opportunities. Torresspacer.gif is a finisher, not a creator. I don't think he is the solution."


Torres' arrival has cast uncertainty over the places of Didier Drogbaspacer.gif and Nicolas Anelkaspacer.gifand Hasselbaink doesn't envisage all three playing in unison, while he is in no doubt as to who will be the main man of that attacking trio.

"Where does it leave Drogba and Anelka?" said the ex-Netherlands man. "You can't put Drogba on the wing and Anelka prefers to play in the middle as well, so there is a little problem with Torres coming in.

"I don't see them (all three) playing together, so it's going to be all one or the other. Torres comes with a big premium, so I think he will get the nod."

Chelsea's new No.9 could make his Blues debut on Sunday in a potentially mouth-watering clash with the club he has just left, Liverpool.

And Hasselbaink says there is a sure-fire way that Torres can immediately endear himself to the Chelsea faithful.

"It will be a difficult match for him," added the former Stamford Bridge star. "He has been bought for £50m in a big move, but he can silence a lot of people by scoring the winner."


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Torres already top scorer at the tills

Chelsea's record £50million signing Fernando Torres is already king of the shirt sales – outselling his Liverpool replacement Andy Carroll by 250 jerseys to one.

Demand for Chelsea's new Torres home shirts are currently 40% higher than when he arrived at Anfield three years ago, according to suppliers.

Shirt sales for the Kop's other new striker, Luis Suarez, are 380% more popular than Carroll replicas, but are still trailing behind Chelsea's Spanish signing by 30 to one.

Ray Evans, managing director of Kitbag.com, said: "It will be interesting to see whether Torres can maintain his popularity among Chelsea fans and whether Carroll can break into the hearts of the Liverpool fans."


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I think his commercial value will probably make back alot of that £50m.

Yeah you're right. With the shirts sale and the attraction of new fan, we will repay the £50m. But there I was just thinking about the sportive level, not about the financial.

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"This is a great club."

"Ready for the challenge. Excited for the new challenge and new era."

Re: Liverpool fans - "I only have good things to say about Liverpool. But I want to look towards the future. I'm not asking them to understand, but in a few weeks they will appreciate what I did there and move on."

Re: celebrating if he scores on Sunday - "I dont think I will"

Re: Drogba and Anelka - "Its a big challenge and exciting. Hopefully I have the chance to play with them, and looking forward to it."

Re: playing against ex-team mates: "Strange situation. Very good relationship with all the Liverpool players. Big motivation to play against them."

Re: Champions League - "I know the ambition the club has to win the Champions League and its the same ambition I have. The club have the motivation to win trophies every year and so do I".

Re: Wanting to leave Liverpool - "As soon as I knew Chelsea and Liverpool were talking, I decided to leave. When I heard they wanted me, I handed in my transfer request. I decided 10-11 days before the close of the transfer window."

"In the last month or two months I have started to recover my best form. I feel really good now and from now to the end of the season I hope to have my best form. I have to have that to win a place in the first eleven."

Re: JT and Frank - "They give me a really nice welcome. They asked me everyday if I need something. They know how important it is when you move to a new city and they are helping me with this. They also tell me about the team and help me to learn and settle into the team. Hopefully I can give them extra help to achieve the teams targets".

Re: Body language at Liverpool - "I never lost my ambition at Liverpool. Too many people talked about that, but they are just opinions. I ensure I did the right thing, I played there for 3 years and a half, and every day I tried to help the team move forward, but I had the chance to join Chelsea and I couldn't say no."

Re: His preferred way of playing - "It doesnt matter how the formation, I just want to play. Whether with 1 or 2 or 3 (strikers). When at a team like Chelsea, you can only enjoy."

Re: Asking not to play against Liverpool - "Why? I am a Chelsea player now, I am here to enjoy and I am really excited about playing for Chelsea."

Re: Can you see yourself finishing your career here? - "Why not? When I finish (my contract), I will be 32, so, why not?"


"I am really happy with Torres and Luiz. We have good opportunities to win competitions with Torres and Luiz. Torres doesn't have any problems."

"I do not know whether Torres will start or be on the bench".

"David Luiz is not here, he will come back tomorrow".

Re: price - "It is difficult to discuss, because I was not involved in the financial situation. But we did everything we could to sign Fernando, because we all think he is one of the best strikers in the world".

"Everyone knows Fernando is a great striker. I asked for a striker who could play for the team, with the other players. The most important thing and our expectation is to use his qualities to aid the team."

Re: Benitez's '70m valuation' - "I dont know if we got a bargain, but we are better than we are 7 days ago".

Re: Formation - "He is a striker, not a winger, so we have to find a solution. But before I have never had a problem finding a solution for good players."

Re: Team news - "No new news, just Alex, Benayoun and Zhirkov. Mikel is okay."

Talking in Spanish now.

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Just saw the unveiling , press is going insane haha . Cameras going off like fireworks.

Here is what jotted down in haste as it went along , excerpts from the conference :

Torres -

What has impressed you most since coming in?

- Want to thank the staff , attention means everything , Impressive facilities , structure of the club . Glad to be here , makes things easy for me . Looking forward to it

How is Cobhalm compare ?

Both are great clubs and great structures , to compare is no good.

Britain's record signing , how do you feel about that ?

- Big money comes big expectations , looking forward to it . It was the same when I came from Atheltico , it was a big money move .

Destiny to play against Liverpool and score . What do you want to say to Liverpool fans ?

I only have good things to say about Liverpool supporters , they've been with me for 3 and a half years , fantastic club , players . Understand they aren't happy , but I would like to in a few days or weeks , I WILL EXPLAIN . I thank them for everything . I am not asking them to understand right now but I will explain and people will love you or hate you , football is that way . Majority of the Liverpool fans aren't ones like you see on the TV .

KEnny's reaction ?

He said something in the press , but I have nothing bad to say to him . As a player , as a legend, they bought hope back to the club by appointing him .

Will you celebrate if you score ?

First of all I have to play (cue - humour hah ) , I have big respect for Liverpool fans and I won't celebrate .

What will be like playing along DD ??

Its a big challenge , big fan of Anelka and Drogba . When we play against Chelsea , always worried about both of them , excited to play aside with both of them and enjoy myself with these top players.

J Caragher - said he understood your decision . Looking forward to play against you .

Its going to be strange situation for me , I left liverpool with a lot of friend and I have a good relationship with all of them and its a big motivation to play against Skertel and Carragher and other players

Big motivation for coming to Chelsea is for CL ?

CL is the main thing and I know the ambition CHelsea has for winning the CL and its the same I have . I want to win it like everyone and the ambition here is to keep winning every year . I have the same ambitions as well.

When did you decide to leave Liverpool ?

As soon as I knew that Pool and Chelsea wer etalking about me , the decision was made . Talking seriously about the possibility and I was the first one to goto the manager and say I wanted to leave and that's the truth .

Do you expect to be able to produce your best form now ?

The last month or so I have been recovering and playing close to my best form after injuries so from now till the end of the season , I expect to get my best form

When did you decide that you're leaving Liverpool ?

About 12 days before the transfer window closed


I haven't seen you smile yet ?

We are very happy , the club made a great effort to sign lUiz and Torres , we have good possibility to go far in this season and I hope everything will be okay . Torres is feeling good ,trained well and is available to play against Liverpool . Still haven't decided for him to start or come in later .

Luiz isn't here yet , so I'll be doing the team later.

What do you think of the transfer fee ?

I was never involved in the financial side of things . We tried everything possible to sign him . We think he is one of the best striker in teh world and glad we got him in.

What qualities does Torres bring in ?

Fantastic striker, great abilities , skill and I asked for a striker not just to score but contribute to the team . This is our expectation and he is an unselfish player and he doesnt' have a problem to play for Chelsea

My point of view we are better techincally for geting Torres in.

Do you have to change formations ?

He is not a winger , he is a stiker and we'll have to find the right ofrmation , we will not have a problem finding a way to play .

Torres :

What have players like JT and Frank said to you ?

They gave me a very nice welcome , asking me if I needed anything , not just about talking on the pitch . They know how important it is to help out a new person in a new city , with houses etc , and I know the way they play . I will be involved in things soon and hopefully give all the help I can to help achieve

Were you unhappy at Liverpool with your body language ?

I never lost my ambition , too many people are talking about that . That's just their opinions , I've been playing out of form for months and trying to help the team . End of the day , jsut opionins and from the first day till the last , Iwas heping the club . When I had the chance to join Chelsea, couldn't say no.

Which way do you like to play as a forawrd , another striker or one behind ?

Its what the manager wants me to do . I don't mind playing with 1,2,3 strikers and its different to play from the one at Liverpool . Its different with the quality of striekers at Chelsea.

Are you looking forward to play against Liverpool , is it your choice to do so ?

I'm ready to play against Liverpool , its a coincidence that they were the first opponents, if manager wants to play , I will , from the bench or the start and I'm happy to play.

Do you expect to finish your career here with your 5 year contract?

When I finish I'll be 32 , we'll see how it goes , why not ?


Everybody is in good condition and fit to play including Mikel .

Spanish press were over after that . Good exchange altogether , he handled it pretty well .

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According to the Daily Mirror, Chelsea are set to recoup the whopping £50 million they splashed out on old 'Dodgy Hamstrings McGraw' on Monday in a matter of months, thanks to a massive surge in sales of 'Torres' replica shirts in the West London area.The Mirror have the initial facts and figures:

"Chelsea's record £50 million signing Fernando Torres is already king of the shirt sales – outselling his ­Liverpool replacement Andy Carroll by 250 jerseys to one.

"Demand for Chelsea's new Torres home shirts are currently 40% higher than when he arrived at Anfield three years ago, according to suppliers.

"Shirt sales for the Kop's other new striker, Luis Suarez, are 380% more popular than Carroll replicas, but are still trailing behind Chelsea's Spanish signing by 30 to one."

Given that it took just six months for sales of Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid shirt to pass the 1 million mark in the Spanish capital alone, and that Torres has topped the table for Premier League shirt sales for the last two seasons, Chelsea should break even on their £50 million investment in…ooh, about three weeks time!


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If Nando scores against L'pool, he doesn't think he would celebrate it.

Dont blame him.Be a bloody uproar if he did

And all the scumbo fans seem to think he will so be a case of hah prove them wrong!!

Still weird that he's now our player :S

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