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Edinson Cavani

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Found this: Missed out on Pastore - got Mata Missed out on Modric - got Oscar Missed out on Hulk - got Hazard Miss out on Cavani - don't worry!


His celebration would look a bit silly here. He's used to doing a huge roar like "RAWRRRRRR" or something when he scores which goes perfectly well with the Napoli fans going "GOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Yeah all bullshit absolute joke!

And from what I've seen 58million for him right now ain't a good bit of business!

He DID look shit in front of goal (yes as did Suarez) - but do I really want another 'confidence' player? Compare Torres / Cavanni / Lukaku and tell me which of those gives a fuck about confidence!

The more I hear it - the more it wants me to stick with Romeu ! He could be a bigger beast than Cavanni and is premiership proven!

I hope Jose thinks like me - buying yet another 'flop' won't work out well for anybody

I honestly never thought I'd see Cavanni play soo poorly - it was a ghost - like Torres when's he joined us! Maybe the rumours are already affecting him - whatever it is - I'm not liking it...

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The Reason why some of you think Cavani will be a flop like Torres because you have not simply forgotten that incident with Torres. But let me tell you, Torres was already in a bad form before he joined Chelsea when he was at Anfield and so was Shevchenko in a bad form in AC Milan. All of these don't mean that Cavani is going to be a horrible signing like Torres.

I agree with the fact that 63 Million is a lot of money for him though...

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I wouldn't mind getting Tevez for 15-20 million and starting Romelu upfront. Think we should give up on Cavani to be honest it's too much money for us to dish out !

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Hey guys,

Seeing the posts in this thread I just had to log in and add my input.

I have almost no opinion on Cavani at chelsea and I didn't come here to discuss this.

Many people on here, claim that cavani's performances with NT prove he is not such a great a player etc...

I only have a few things to say regarding this aspect of the discussions :

- How good is the coach? Does he use Cavani To score goals or for other purposes?

- Look at the tactics and the postition he plays in. Are those his favourites ?

- Look at the rest of the team. Does he have a good relationship with the other players (I mean relationship and understanding on the pitch)

Other members have brought up a few other points regarding this too but here is the most important thing that I have to say :

Do any of you guys remember how bad Lionel Messi can be with Argentina ?

For those reasons I think we should not jump to conclusions with this. Club football and National team football are so much different now...

Anyway, have fun with the rumours ;)

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Messi never was bad with Argentina. He would still dominate but with no result. Dont compare cavani to messi PLEASE.

I'm not comparing just barely making an analogy.

Still I'm not going to argue wether messi's performances with argentina were poor or great or whatever.

Just barely saying what we all know : Messi is a beast and while still playing good for NT he sometimes just isn't quite playing to his full potential (at rare times way below I might add). And this should help us regard Cavani's performances with NT with a pinch of salt.

Now, thoses rants on people comparing players with other players are kind of unproductive. People just try and use what they know to elaborate their arguments in order to have a more educated conversation. Should it be regarded as a bad behaviour? I dont think so. If we were to start from scratch when making an opinion on a player we wouldn't go that far. Analogies are useful, sometimes thay can be wrong yes, but don't mistake my words, I never said Cavani is the same as messi I only said he sometimes struggles with NT and so does Cavani. Can you argue this is not a similarity between the two?

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So from further reading and shit it would seem Radio Marte are similar to Napoli as what Chelsea TV is to us.

Also football-italia are a reputable site. They only post news or rumours when they're confident they're concrete. Been using that site for 2 years.

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So according to this latest and probably most concrete report he'd cost around £49.3m on £130k a week compared to Torres costing £50m on what, £150k a week? At least it's slight progress :ph34r:

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