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Chelsea to play FC Copenhagen in UCL

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Great all-round draw for us. Some really big matches. Only 3 out of Arsenal, Bayern, Inter, Spurs, Milan and Barca will make it through to the quarters. I wouldn't put it past Marseille to sink United.

We're the big winners in this draw today.

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Really can't call some of these ties... AS Roma v Shaktar... I don't think I've seen a more even pairing in all departments :blink:

Good draw for two reasons - les Arseholes are out and we have an exceptionally good chance of going through. Having Inter face Bayern knocks out one of the giants and United won't find OdM easy opponents.

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I'm shocked but this is a perfect draw, even at our current form their no real match for us.

Arsenal should forfeit, losing 3-0 at Camp Nou is the best they can do.

United got an easy opponent and Spurs will be a match for AC Milan.

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Great draw !! To be honest I tought we will draw Barcelona or Madrid lol.

I do not think we will be in trouble against them... Even though we must be cautious...

Ahah, I'm really happy for Arsenal ! Barcelona will destroy them. Though, I hope Arsenal will give to Barcelona difficulties...

And I wish Lyon can renew what they did last year, it would be so nice lol (yes I do not like Real Madird)...

Hmm, Marseille won't probably be an easy team to defeat... But hey oh, we talk about Lucky United.

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I'm actually supporting Arsenal against Barca, they won't beat us over two legs so I'd rather have them through than Barca.

Though I still want revenge on them after that Overbo crap

Must not underestimate Copenhagen, I'd hate to lose due to overconfidence.

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