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9 hours ago, LAM09 said:

Can imagine the tournament will be plagued by it. I'm honestly surprised they didn't reduce the number of venues (9 different countries).

It's utterly stupid they didn't just play it in one country!

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Serbia 6 Wales 1 Aw yeah. Ivanovic also scored a beauty with a volley from outside the box and captained the team.

Posted Images

Ukraine's Euro 2020 football kit provokes outrage in Russia


Ukraine's shirt, emblazoned with its borders including Russian-annexed Crimea

A new kit for Ukraine's football team, showing a map including Russian-annexed Crimea, has provoked anger in Moscow.

Ukraine unveiled its shirt for Euro 2020, emblazoned with its borders including Crimea and the slogan "Glory to Ukraine!"

Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014, and considers it a part of its territory, something rejected internationally.

A Russian MP called it a "political provocation".

The head of the Ukrainian football association, Andriy Pavelko, revealed the kit in a video on his Facebook page on Sunday, days before the European Championship kicks off.

The front of the yellow shirt shows the contours of Ukraine in white, including Crimea and the pro-Russian separatist-controlled regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Ukraine's shirt, showing a map of Ukraine including Crimea

A slogan on the back reads "Glory to Ukraine!" - a patriotic chant used as a rallying cry by protesters who forced out a pro-Moscow president, Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

"We believe that Ukraine's silhouette will give strength to the players because they will fight for all of Ukraine," Mr Pavelko said.

But Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova criticised the kits, saying the football team had "attached Ukraine's territory to Russia's Crimea", creating the "illusion of the impossible".

She said the slogan was nationalistic and echoed a Nazi rallying cry.

Map showing Crimea and Simferopol

MP Dmitry Svishchev called the shirt "totally inappropriate" and urged Euro 2020 organisers Uefa to take action.

The tournament, postponed due to Covid-19, will run from June 11 to July 11 across 11 host cities, including Russia's Saint Petersburg, which hosts a quarter-final.

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Posted (edited)

Southgate is having a laugh surely picking Ben White for Trents replacement.

Whats his plans to play a GK, 5 CBs, 2 RBs, a CM and 2 strikers?

Englands midfield is literally wafer thin in terms of depth and it will be even more laughable if Henderson doesn’t make full fitness for the first 2/3 games and they get any other injuries in there.

Also Maguire is looking like he’s going to be struggling as well. If they two don’t play and England dont do well, he will be out on his arse probably getting as much stick as he did in 96 😂

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14 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

Southgate is having a laugh surely picking Ben White for Trents replacement.

Whats his plans to play a GK, 5 CBs, 2 RBs, a CM and 2 strikers?

Englands midfield is literally wafer thin in terms of depth and it will be even more laughable if Henderson doesn’t make full fitness for the first 2/3 games and they get any other injuries in there.

Also Maguire is looking like he’s going to be struggling as well. If they two don’t play and England dont do well, he will be out on his arse probably getting as much stick as he did in 96 😂

Southgate is a man with a fetish for defenders. 

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hace 6 minutos, Jas dijo:

Southgate is a man with a fetish for defenders. 

Aye he sure is. I don’t get it. Why did he even pick Trent in the first place I mean bar 5/6 games towards the end of the season he was not good all season… made countless big errors in PL and CL games. Its almost as if the media frenzy of the will he, wont he pick him made the decision for him… or like the England of old where Sven would take about 4 players who all played the exact same role and position, who couldn’t play together - its slightly different but imagine a COVID outbreak/a few injuries and before you know it they are literally lining up with 3 RBs and countless CBs due to lack of depth in MF.

Then TAA gets injured and picks someone for another defensive position when they only have Rice, Henderson, Bellingham, Mount, Phillips as more natural central players. I get Foden maybe can go there as can James but again, your not taking players who played as left/right wingers and a right back for 90% of the season as an option for CM when they’ve rarely played that positions or if all this season and you’ve got a guy who hasn’t played regularly for 3 and a half months also in Henderson either. Its just daft. 

hace 1 minuto, MoroccanBlue dijo:

England are terrible in defensive transition, hence why Southgate is opting for a 5 at the back. 

I get that but theres 5 at the back then what Southgate's taken.

3 RBs Walker, James, Trippier

5 CBs Coady, Maguire - who is still not even doing running apparently due to injury - , Mings, Stones, Ben White

2 LBs Shaw, Chilwell

Not to mention James could play RCB, Rice can play CB, Saka can play LB/LWB. I mean in midfield any injuries/knocks/COVID outbreak perhaps they are going to be struggling big time. As a Scotsman, as long as its not Mason also, I suppose if they get a few knocks in there and are short in there or have to play Ben White in there, it will be ironic 😂 

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Monday June 7 2021

The Telegraph

France have a challenging draw but anything short of lifting the trophy would be failure

Daniel Zeqiri

By Jason Burt,

Arsene Wenger is right. France are not just favourites to win Euro 2020 but are “super-favourites”. After all they reached the final of the competition five years ago, they then won the World Cup in 2018 and have an even stronger squad now.

Any team with Kylian Mbappe, N’Golo Kante, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann and an extraordinary array of defenders – France could actually field two sides to compete in this tournament – has a good chance. And that is without factoring in the return of Karim Benzema who could be the final piece in the jigsaw.

What gives France the edge, though, is the fact that they can ally this talent with a ruthlessly pragmatic coach in Didier Deschamps, who won the lot himself as a player and is not afraid to rein in some of the attacking instincts of his players.

Deschamps knows that tournament football is often based on a sound defensive base, and the discipline he gets from Pogba is a prime example of that. It makes France even harder to beat. The flip side of that is, does Deschamps sometimes hold them back?

The wildcard factor is a fiendishly tough group that kicks off by facing Germany in Munich and then Hungary in Budapest, before a final tie against Portugal, the holders, also in the Hungarian capital. If they progress it certainly means that France will not be under-cooked for the knock-out stages.

The only other imponderable is expectation. Not winning the Euros would be a failure for France given their status and pedigree, and that pressure may tell. Also this competition has a habit of throwing up unlikely winners – Denmark, Greece and, as France found out, Portugal the last time round.

But still France should win and the taxing nature of these finals – multiple venues, after an intense season, the problems caused by Covid – will favour a team with great squad depth, organisation and a winning track record.

Get a 12-month Telegraph Sport subscription today for £39.


Best of our Euro 2021 articles


Des Walker exclusive: How it felt to play for Brian Clough - and why I loved driving lorries


Euro 2021 round table: Glenn Hoddle, Gordon Strachan and Mark Hughes sit down to discuss the Home Nations' chances


Des Lynam interview: The BBC's decline, losing out to Cilla Black - and 'sexy football' at Euro '96


Euros one to watch: Ben White


Ben White has made Gareth Southgate's final squad CREDIT: ADD CREDIT

Brighton defender Ben White has been selected as Trent Alexander-Arnold's replacement in the final England squad. You can read more about the ball-playing centre-half here.

Which player are you most looking forward to watching? Send your submissions to [email protected] - we'll feature the best in a future newsletter.


This day's best stat



Number of England caps won by Jordan Henderson and he is yet to score his first goal. He missed the chance to do so with a penalty against Romania.


The day in a picture



Not so friendly: Tempers flared as Wales finished their tournament preparations with a goalless draw against Albania.

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I’m going for  Squadrra azzura to win Euro 20+1.

they play nice football and have enough quality 
we  know Italy on  the big championships

they win the groups with 1-0  and usually then win the tournament 😅


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1 hour ago, Vesper said:

2021 International Friendly

Portugal            por.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin
Israel                 isr.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin




Weird when you look at the Portugal lineup and Penaldo is just the 3rd or 4th best player. (Penandes and Dias surely better IMO and arguably Bernardo Silva or Jota as well).

Honestly I'd be happy if they field Penaldo as single striker vs our NT. High chance he will be in Toni's pocket all day long. We usually spank Portugal at major tournaments but this year the sides are pretty evenly matched. So if they want to break their duck it's now or never.


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Chile covers Nike logo on their kits amidst contract dispute



While Nike and Adidas battle for supremacy in Euro 2020, the former is in the middle of a legal battle that has spilled over into Copa America. As a result, Chile’s kits for the South American tournament have undergone a sudden and significant edit.

For Friday night’s Group B match against Bolivia, the Nike logo on Chile’s jerseys was covered with a patch of the Chilean flag. Chile’s coaches and staff covered the Nike logo on their shirts and pants with tape. It was all part of a subtle protest related to an ongoing contract dispute between the sportswear company and the Chilean football federation. 

For the remainder of the tournament, the team will play without a visible kit sponsor, as Chile’s National Association of Professional Football (ANFP, by its Spanish acronym), fights Nike in court. According to Chilean outlet La Tercera, the ANFP alleges that Nike abruptly ended their million dollar agreement two weeks ago. 

“Nike canceled the contract unilaterally,” an ANFP spokesperson told La Tercera. “This will be a court battle.”

Chile’s kit in their Copa America opener against Argentina (left) and in their second match against Bolivia. (Douglas Magno, AFP via Getty Images)


According to the report, Nike withheld payments, including those for merchandise sales, for the period of July 2019 to July 2020 since Chile’s senior national team did not play the minimum of 10 matches per year stipulated in their contract. Chile played its final match of 2019, a friendly against Guinea in Spain, on October 15, 2019, but between social unrest that took hold in Chile that month and the subsequent spread of COVID-19, they did not play again until their World Cup qualifier against Uruguay in October 2020. Nike and the ANFP, which alleges it is owed about $6 million of a $7 million per year deal, have been involved in court proceedings since March of this year, according to AFP

Tape covers the Nike logos on Chile manager Martin Lasarte’s clothes. (Miguel Schincariol/Getty Images)

Nike and Chile had an eight-year contract with a total of $56 million that began after Copa America 2015 and was supposed to run through the end of the 2022 World Cup. La Tercera says the ANFP first sued Nike in civil court in Santiago, Chile. From there, the case moved to the International Chamber of Commerce’s Court of Arbitration in New York.

Before partnering with Nike, Chile made a reported $2.5 million per year over five years from a kit deal with Puma. 

Chile drew 1-1 with Argentina in their first 2021 Copa America match, then beat Bolivia 1-0 in their second. They previously won the competition in 2015 and 2016, most recently finishing fourth in 2019.

Prior to Chile entering Brazil for this edition of Copa America, there was a “drone skirmish” during one of their training sessions in Santiago when team officials spotted an airborne device they suspected of being an Argentine spy camera. Chile manager Martin Lasarte reportedly ordered a drone of their own be sent to investigate the suspicious machine. The two drones collided and were retrieved. It was later learned that the “invading” craft belonged to the local power company, which was checking nearby street lights.


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