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Ramires' performance

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In the first half-time, when we had the ball, i found him a little bit lost. He wasn't in the team's pace, he slowed the pace and the passe speed. In the defensive work, not bad.

In the second half, he seemed to have get into the team spirit. I found him good.

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Guys what did you think of Ramires's first 90minutes in a Chelsea shirt?

Ramires gave a decent debut performance, good work rate and always available for a pass. Didn't look too out of place in the Premier League. The thing I noticed about him was, he sort of glides across the pitch, very quick on the ball.

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Ramires is good. Will have to adapt to fast football like what we play. I think if he plays against a Spanish team he will struggle. But with that in mins he's not really an attacking player despite scoring goals for Benfica. I think that's because Benfica play controlled football like holding the ball up and moving to make a pass etc, especially in their midfield anyway. But he will learn and get better.

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One thing I really really liked to see him doing was where he spread the play with cross-field passes, like how Mikel does diagonal ones these days it was nice to see, 1st half Parker etc. were bossing him about but then he really got stuck in, his stats from the game are:

2 shots off target

45 out of 49 passes successful - most just in the opponents half each end of half time

4 interceptions, 2 in each half

5 out 7 tackles successful

5 out of 7 free kicks given away

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I missed the first half so I don't know how he did in that, but I'd imagine he used it to "feel" his way into the game. He impressed me in the second half, lived up to his reputation as a "box-to-box" midfielder. I saw him forward to support the strikers and then run back to help the defence. He paired up great with Mikel because the 2 were very wary of each others positions and almost "covered" for one-another when the other went forward. I see only good things to come from Ramires, if he and Mikel combine like Ramires does with Gilberto Silva for Brazil then we'll see even more beautiful football from Chelsea

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Quite good, in particular in the first 20 minutes he and Essien rampaged through the West Ham midfield which gave us the platform to get the 2 goal lead. Also lets not forget he played a big role in winning the corner from which we scored the opener.

Yes it probably isnt fully up to speed yet but that will come, in terms of debuts I dont think its wrong to say that he looked more impressive yesterday than either Essien or Mikel did in their very early Chelsea careers.

This lad is pure quality and quality always rises to the top.

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he has lightening pace and great energy , but definitely a lot of room for improvement .

here is what i think are his strengths and weaknesses :

-strength :

1- super speed .

2- very energetic

3- very disciplined

4- good tackler

5- good control

-weaknesses (areas for improvement) :

1- his passing game ( always a little it too weak or behind the player)

2- decision making ( sometimes when he had the ball he could ve done a lot better or choose a better player to pass to )

3- positioning (sometimes he was out of position specially in the 1st half)

4- strength ( if he adds some muscle like our bison it will give him more power)

5- shooting ( well that wasn't from westham game )

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I enjoyed watching him as i do with all new chelsea players. I have to admit though, I found it hard at times to tell the differace between him, Kakuta,Essien and Kalou... Maybe my eyes are farked...

Haha.. Its not just you mate... I had the same problem too :D I was trying to guess with their position on the field !!! And when Kakuta slipped and fell, i thought it was Kalou :P

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I was impressed. He seemed to be confident on the ball, passed well. Got up and down and seemed to me as if he had an eye for goal. I read somewhere before he joined he was a similar type of player to Essien and it seems to be the case. Promising start.

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