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Finally have internet so I'll be posting more. In other news here is some photos of my son

Talking of marriage and seeing as the thread is already de-railed - I got married at the weekend It was amazing - hired a marquee and had Dodgems and a carousel along with a double decker bus convert

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seems he took offence to my joke in a joke thread HE started ,, He pmd me to say it was why he was leaving . I have apologised both in pm and open

for what I thought was obviously a joke ... check in the original thread

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about that scene, you may have known already (but me being the idiot i never noticed this) but anyways here it is.


my mind was blown.

Couldn't you have found a smaller pic asshole? :carlo:

I actually think it's disgusting for you to take a meaningless insult with no real intention to offend and make it seem as if I was taking a dig at the deceased.

It was just a train of thought, I never had the impression you were having a dig at the deceased.
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@manpe, i had a bigger picture but apparently " You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." so that was the only pic i could find.


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donkey is in his stable. He had a drug overdose a few months ago and was on one of those shitty Animal A&E programmes on Channel 5 because of it. Here is was earlier today though


''Fuck off Tony Blair''

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@manpe, i had a bigger picture but apparently " You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."so that was the only pic i could find.

LOLOLOl, It only happens when you directly copy the link from google, you lazy cunt :P

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what happened?? Fuckkkk im missing all the good stuff!!

he had an argument with Santiago and zolayes or something and said he's leaving or something.

shit kicked off in the Hall of Fame thread because Term X decided he would launch a desperate attempt to become leader of TC

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Men of the TC community - unite!

I have good news for you (especially the asians). This is not just a magazine, but FUCKING Nature


Ps @DJames : since you are the only female lurking here, is it true?


Isn't there a saying "it isn't the size its the motion in the ocean" so rest easy and hopefully "she" will love you for you........these scientists didn't have better things to research <_<

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Rap music disagrees.

Rap music now is a part of TC and people post the lyrics to get likes! :doh:

AKA originality.

Some of it really are, specially the ones you dont constantly repeat. Others you just do to seek attention or to make people uncomfortable...

They're not random. They're carefully picked and as explained before, the bold option exists for a reason - Emphasis.

You use them to get likes because they grab attention to people and then some members give likes based only on the bold, big letters you overuse. That is my opinion anyways...

If you say you only use it for emphasis, then I cant say you are lying, I cna only believe in you.

Making money and/or improving health (only achievements I've posted about I believe) are far from useless.

One thing is to achieve those things in life and another is to brag about them (only tackling the money part)...

What is the fun to post how awesome you are to have dropped out of high school and still manage to make money? To me, this sounds as you saying (between the lines) how much better you are than the people who have continued with it. I also dont see any need to keep posting your investments or whatever...

Above all, it is not even what you say, but how you say it. It doesnt translate to me as a happy reaction and then you post it; it translates to me as you are saying "look how good I am". I view it as a total snob attitude. I dont think it is any bit necessary!

Not going to make this an overreaction, but I dont like it.

HEH. :dance:


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