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The 'What Song Are You Listening To Now' Thread

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http://vimeo.com/56724107 Classic.

This is epic:

that video reminds me of a hotel i stayed in Dublin while on acid watching the orb,either that or the shining!  

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Didn't know there were any other metalheads on this forum lol.

Not exactly my favourite band ever admittedly, but It Never Ends is one of my favourite songs.

New song's pretty sick though, Oli's vocals have improved & changed for the better I feel, so I guess judging from that alone, Sempiternal sounds extremely promising & a fair bit heavier than There Is A Hell... - but not sure the album will be quite as good to be honest. Also pretty disappointed that Jona's left, but I guess he'll still have influenced this album a fair bit in any case.

Have you ever listened to a band called This Or The Apocalypse? Their latest album Dead Years is possibly my favourite release of the last year & I haven't really stopped listening to it cuz it's just so damn good. Check this out if you haven't already heard it, breathtaking intro & overall it's just incredible - probably best song of 2012 for me:

Fuck me , there are!

Channel Zero was sick once here :-)

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I saw that on your profile earlier. Looked it up and has been playin through the stereo. Nice one 'n thanks!

Who's stalking whom now? :ph34r:

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