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Hi there e-members,

I've just come in from the training field at Cobham after another hard session with Christophe Lollichon and Hilario.

The three of us have a very good bond here, and even though it was sad to see our good friend Carlo Cudicini leave a couple of months back, we are still a very close group, and are always working to improve. We have been joined a lot by the younger goalkeepers in the club too, Rhys Taylor, Nic Heimann, Jan Sebek, Sam Walker and Aldi Haxhia. They are all showing signs of developing into talented players.

People talk a lot at the club about some of Christophe's training techniques because some of the work we do looks very strange, diving around with inflatable men, running in between cones and diving for balls, but it all helps to keep us sharp.

I mentioned how close the goalkeeping group is, but that is true for the whole squad. We are very united and always have been, so I find it very strange when the newspapers report things about us that are not true.

I feel like I am playing close to my best at the moment, and am feeling fully fit and ready for every game. It is the first season for some time where I have managed to stay fit for almost every game, and now it is good because we are keeping more clean sheets.

Since I have been at Chelsea I have kept clean sheets in more than half of my 200 games, and I hope there will be many more in the future. It is something I am very proud about, and to have played so much shows that a number of coaches have believed in me since I arrived nearly five years ago and I am sure that I can still improve as a goalkeeper.

Results have been very good for us since the new manager has arrived. We have to keep that going now until the end of the season and hope that we can win a trophy, which is the most important thing for the club and the supporters.

If we go two seasons without winning a trophy then it is not good enough for a club like Chelsea, so the hard work has to continue. To be in the quarter-finals of the Champions League again is good news for us and we all want to reach another Final and this time win.

Before that though we have to concentrate on the league, we know it will be hard to catch Manchester United but all we can do is keep winning our games and hope that they make mistakes along the way.

See you at Stamford Bridge soon,

Petr Cech

Chelsea Website

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