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3 Youth team players to be released in the summer

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Neil Bath on Inside the Academy on Chelsea TV confirmed that 3 players on the youth team will not be offered pro contracts in the summer and will as a result be released. The club are currently looking to get them into other clubs.

Those players are:

Jack Saville

Jordan Tabor

Billy Joe-King

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Good to see them being released into the wild...if they turn out any good, can always buy 'em back...

Lol, i don't think there is much chance of us seeing them play at a high level again, but stranger things have happened. The club do quite a lot for these boys when they are being released to make sure that they end up somewhere else with a good chance of still havin a career in football.

I would think there is a couple of reserves we could see go in the summer also, Fabio Ferreira, Ricardo Fernandes and Morten Nielson are 3 names that come to mind.

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Billy Joe-King was supposed to be promising and what happened to the 2 portugese lads ? ? ?

Billy Joe-King has just not had the impact expected, and when you have an academy as good as ours is now the standard has to be very high. Ferreira and Fernandes have just not hit anywhere near the required level for us. Fernandes showed massive promise initially, but he suffered a couple of big injuries and has never hit the right level - i remember watching the first football icon and seeing Fernandes in training and being blown away...... just never progressed enough.

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