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Andriy Shevchenko

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Oleg Blokhin is reportedly considering an ambitious attempt to draw a line under countryman Andriy Shevchenko's undistinguished Chelsea career by taking him to Moscow.

Oleg Blokhin, until recently the national team manager of Ukraine, is now in charge of Russian club side FC Moscow - and is said by The Sun to be contemplating a move for his country's star, Andriy Shevchenko.

Ukraine captain Shevchenko, who cost Chelsea a £30million fee when joining the Blues from AC Milan in summer 2006, has failed to make the expected impact in English football, scoring just six Premier League goals in 18 months at Stamford Bridge.

Blokhin js quoted in The Sun as saying: "We need at least one pacy forward. I'd love to see Andriy Shevchenko here.

"We worked together successfully with the Ukrainian national team.

"Not everything is going right for him in England but a player of his class would strengthen any team."

However, Shevchenko's £130,000-a- week wage could be a problem - even assuming the player is willing to quit Chelsea.

Source: www.goal.com

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Give us 30 million for him and i will send you a photo of my ass like a bonus.

Thats hillarious :D:D

Honestly i don't like him when the first time he came here. I don't know why. But then i began to like him and hope he'll stay more longer and keep score a goals.

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He's not going back to Italy. Silvio Berlusconi owner of AC Milan stated he doesn't want Sheva to come back. Ronaldinho is already strongly linked with Milan after a fight with Rikaard.

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Guest Lampards Bitch

just give him back. I really dont care. He is too inconsistant. V Liverpool I thought yes! this could be the start of something good................but no next game he was shit.

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