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Erling Haaland

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16 hours ago, Vesper said:

if no Håland, it is down to only 2 realistic (and still crazy hard pulls) options who are good enough (the rest are impossible or too old for long term (Lewa and Immobile)

Lautaro Martinez or DCL are it, I would go for DCL myself (I have been saying this for a year)

after that, the drop off is massive (or involves impossible pulls, like Mbappe or Kane or Lukaku)

IF we miss out on CL and Everton make it, DCL will not leave them for us (and uder any crstances, he will be insane expensive)

so it may just default to Lautaro


there is one one Håland, and the other 6 clubs (besides us) fighting over him will SO SO SO move for Lautaro IF they miss out on Håland


its is somewhat likely we get absolutely ASSED OUT and get none of the 8

and just trod on with what we have or but a huge step-down level player

Victor Osimhen has been a huge bust at Napoli, only 2 goals, all comps, in 1000 minutes

Firmino is 30 year old near the start of next season, and is not a lead the line type at all and why would he come here anyway, I think he is going to drop off in a year or two anyway

there simply are not a lot of great CF's out there at all, and most will not leave the clubs they are at


we do have 2 great youth CF's

Armando Broja (on loan at Vitesse)

Jude Soonsup-Bell



DCL is my shout as a more realistic option. 

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I don't think we are in desperate search for the striker. But when someone like Haaland is on the market you would be stupid not to try.  Abraham, Giroud and Werner gave us 33 goals already this

Make it happen!  

He is better than Werner technically, but he is nowhere near the level of Lewandowski and Kane for instance. He prefers counter striking football because he can use his pace and strenght better. But h

14 hours ago, R2D2 said:

Maybe a German can tell us more but isn't Bild somewhat reliable only for German players, whereas competing with Don Balon in terms of reliability for everything else?

The article mentions he considers only 6 clubs as his possible destinations, but for starters this feels completely absurd by what logic would Haaland come to this conclusion in just March especially when the likes of Liverpool and United might not even make the CL whereas we might and how would they know what he thinks?

Another thing I read today is that Haaland might be unsure of us because of our small chance creation in the final 3rd but if we go by that logic Juventus and United are just as dire as us, at least we have the excuse the new players haven't yet glued and better things are yet to come but Juventus and United are proper pants in chance creations just as much as us if not worse.

It is probably that he and his family know the North West/North fairly well as he was born there and his Dad played there. They most likely still have friends or even property in the area. 

London for me isn't going to be much of a pull for him as he isn't flashy or a party animal. 

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