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A court rendition of Saucony's iconic Jazz silhouette would normally be noteworthy enough on its own, but this time around the headline is definitely grabbed by the sustainable 'Earth Day' construction. 

The Jazz Court RFG eschews plastic entirely, utilizing just seven eco-friendly materials in the construction process. Cotton: in the canvas upper and stitching. Jute plant fiber: threads. Wool: sockliner. Gardenia flower: natural dye. 100% Lactae Hevea: rubber sole. Beet juice: ink. Wood: ecualyptis tree fiber laces. 

Saucony Shoes JAZZ COURT RFGSaucony Shoes JAZZ COURT RFGSaucony Shoes JAZZ COURT RFGSaucony Shoes JAZZ COURT RFG

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🍋 NIKE AIR MAX 1 LEMONADE 🍋 OVERKILL     We teamed up with Gramps and @jaadiee to celebrate the premium upgrade of the Nike Air Max 1 Lemonade from the Powerwall drops in 2006

Nike Women's Blazer Mid '77 Reference: CZ0462-200 Medium Olive / Fossil - Team Gold - Lemon Venom   https://footdistrict.com/en/nike-women-s-blazer-mid-77-cz0462-200.html

those Blazers are on sale for only 44 euros, a steal

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Marine Serre

Through an amalgamation of French couture principles, sportswear references and a futuristic vision, Marine Serre was formed. Launched in 2017, the eponymous label has garnered much attention for its radical standpoint within the industry - embracing technological advancements and incorporating recycled materials for conscious production. As the signature crescent moon motif would suggest, this collection is out of this world. Expect asymmetric dresses, tight turtlenecks and futuristic accessories.


Exclusive: Marine Serremarine-serre-x-browns-moon-lozenge-sports-bra_15933856_31639583_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-x-browns-futurist-flamenco-midi-dress_15932558_31532927_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-x-browns-moon-lozenge-midi-slip-dress_15932559_31676842_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-neutral-50-crescent-moon-reflective-sock-boots_15304870_29202186_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-neutral-50-crescent-moon-reflective-sock-boots_15304870_29204525_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-active-cocoon-t-shirt-dress_15732138_32351935_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-crossover-back-logo-swimsuit_15731291_32493695_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-optic-moon-sea-skin-top_15729391_32354063_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-optic-moon-sea-skin-top_15729391_32353370_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-black-dream-ball-shoulder-bag_14662621_26403543_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-black-dream-ball-shoulder-bag_14662621_26400822_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-black-crescent-moon-print-face-mask_15836253_31087103_1920.jpg?c=2marine-serre-black-crescent-moon-print-face-mask_15836253_31087102_1920.jpg?c=2


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Tommy Rand's self-build house features a CNC-cut spiral staircase


Danish architect and developer Tommy Rand has built a house for himself and his family in Denmark, featuring a spiral staircase made from 630 pieces of CNC-cut plywood.

Located on the outskirts of Aarhus, the two-storey house was designed with minimalism in mind. It comprises five rectilinear blocks of different sizes and proportions, arranged together in a cluster.

One of the most distinctive features of the house is the way it contrasts two main colours: the grey of both cast concrete and Norwegian slate, which form the walls and floors, and the golden brown of wooden elements dotted through the interior.

The spiral staircase is the best example of this; its curved sculptural form offers a striking contrast to the bare concrete walls that surround it.

This contrast draws attention to the intricacy of the design – all 630 pieces of computer-cut plywood were pieced together and glued on site, by hand, for ultimate precision.

"It is very beautiful from all angles," said Rand. "It is like a snail house, which opens up more and more as you go up to the first floor."


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Not belonging to any set family, the BR 01 CYBERSKULL lays claim to avant-garde Haute Horlogerie. Breaking with tradition, it finds its raison d’être in the rich history of the Bell & Ross SKULLS family which was launched in 2009 and broke traditional watchmaking codes.
The symbol of a new generation, the BR 01CYBER SKULL embodies the story of a successful conclusion. The story of a brand for whom each detail has a meaning and purpose.


banner-top-BR01-cyber-skull-ok-ok.jpgBR01-cyber-skull-ok.pngBR01-cyber-skull-porte.jpgbr-01-cyberskull-patch.jpg?resize=702%2C452&ssl=1BR-01-CYBER-SKULL_CASE.jpg-1600px.jpg?resize=702%2C421&ssl=1br-01-cyberskull-case-lugs.jpg?resize=702%2C527&ssl=1skull-sculpture.jpg?resize=702%2C452&ssl=1Bell & Ross Cyber SkullBell & Ross Cyber SkullBell & Ross Cyber Skull

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First slide

Built by: Chieftain | Year: 2021 | Engine: 6,162 cc supercharged V8, 700 bhp

On one level it's a classic Range Rover, the two-door original launched in 1970 for the more fashionable farmer that became the first of the luxury SUVs. On another level, Chieftain's Xtreme is a Range Rover in silhouette only, and even then just when you squint. Because the restomod specialists at Chieftain have taken the elegance of the discreet original Range Rover and transformed it into a snarling 700 bhp deluxe hot rod.


The extraordinary Xtreme is the latest entry in the burgeoning restomod market, where high-end professional modifiers take an ageing classic and radically update it for the 21st century. Chieftain specialise in classic Range Rovers and the Chieftain Xtreme is their most radical offering yet. Each Xtreme is built strictly to order, so if the striking 'Bahama Beige' hue of this vehicle is just a little too striking for you, there's just about any other colour available. That's just the beginning, of course.

At the Chieftain workshops in Banbury, each donor Rangie has a thorough body rebuild and updated restoration, which on the Xtreme means distinctly lowered fully independent suspension, side exit exhausts, an eight speed automatic gearbox and AP Racing brakes. You'll be needing these to help stop this beast because under the famous Range Rover clamshell bonnet is where the most extreme element of the Xtreme is to be found: a GM LS3 6.2 litre V8, supercharged to pump out 700 bhp.

First slideChieftain-Range-Rover-Extreme-LS3-V8-Restomod-Tuning-5.jpgChieftain-Range-Rover-Extreme-LS3-V8-Restomod-Tuning-4.jpg

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With a growing collective concern around sustainability and increasing demands for ethically produced food and drink, natural wine – which once made up a tiny proportion of the wine sector – is gathering fast momentum and becoming increasingly mainstream. Paving the way for this industry evolution is a new generation of trailblazing natural wine companies like Low Intervention.


Describing itself as a 'boundary-pushing digital bottle shop', Low Intervention is on a mission to democratise natural wine, taking an unpretentious approach within an industry that's often regarded as intimidating or elitist. Partnering with some of the most exciting winemakers around the world – who work their land rather than against it – the company offers a huge variety of biodynamic, organic and natural wines, all made with the lowest possible chemical or mechanical intervention. Why? Because it’s a better way to drink: better for the drinker, the maker, and the planet.


Low Intervention's story began way back in 2015, when it was set up as a hobby Instagram account dedicated solely to chronicling one natural wine enthusiast's favourite drops. It wasn't until early 2019 that it evolved into an online bottle shop, and it's been on the up ever since, garnering a cult following of natural wine lovers won over by Low Intervention's down-to-earth approach and impressive selection.


With so many wines to choose from, Low Intervention will have just what you're craving. Purchase by the bottle or opt for a monthly subscription box, filled with exciting drops handpicked according to what the experts at Low Intervention think is tasting best, a well as the mood of the season they're delivering in – think bright, picnic-ready wines for the warmer months and deeper, fuller-bodied wines in autumn and winter.

Whether you're a natural wine newbie or a fully fledged connoisseur, Low Intervention offers the perfect opportunity to discover wines that you mightn't normally encounter, from makers at the top of their game. It's democratic drinking at its very best.






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  1. 605e55643162d8c5589e6f478e94fb29.png


adidas Originals and Wales Bonner return for SS'21 with essence, an exploration of the connection between Britain and the Caribbean. With a focus on tailoring, the capsule sees rich Jamaican references stitched into iconic adidas looks.

https://www.18montrose.com/searchresults?descriptionfilter=adidas Wales Bonner

Saturday SneakersVermillion - adidas - Wales Bonner Mesh Polo ShirtMist Sun - adidas - adidas Wales Bonner TrackpantsWht/Scarlt/Blue - adidas - Wales Bonner Nizza Low Top TrainersWht/Scarlt/Blue - adidas - Wales Bonner Nizza Low Top TrainersIndigo/Green - adidas - adidas Wales Bonner 70s V-Neck T-shirtTartan - adidas - adidas Wales Bonner Tartan TrackpantsBlack/Cream - adidas - Samba Wales Bonner TrainersBlack/Cream - adidas - Samba Wales Bonner TrainersMist Sun - adidas - Wales Bonner 70s Track TopTartan - adidas - adidas Wales Bonner TracktopIndido/Yell/Wht - adidas - adidas Wales Bonner Nizza Low Top TrainersIndido/Yell/Wht - adidas - adidas Wales Bonner Nizza Low Top TrainersIndigo/Green - adidas - adidas Wales Bonner 70s V-Neck T-shirtSun Mist - adidas - Wales Bonner 70s Track Pants

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New Balance continue to celebrate all that is the 991 for its 20th anniversary with the M991PNK.

Debuting in 2001, the model was famously worn by the late Steve Jobs prior to the now-revered New Balance 992. The latest 991 boasts premium pig suede overlays that rest atop a comfortable, mesh base before sitting atop the robust Abzorb cushioning underfoot. But it’s not the premium materials or the fine made in England craftsmanship that makes this 991 one of our favourites, it’s the tonal pastel pinks that wrap the upper of each pair.

EMAILBANNER-NB_MADE_S121_M991PNK_OFF_FIGURE_TABLE_01072-tr8fcl.jpgUp There Store (Australia Exclusive) - New Balance M991PNK 'Made In England'Up There Store (Australia Exclusive) - New Balance M991PNK 'Made In England'Up There Store (Australia Exclusive) - New Balance M991PNK 'Made In England'Up There Store (Australia Exclusive) - New Balance M991PNK 'Made In England'

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The Art of the Vladimir Putin Photo Shoot

The Russian president has posed for some new publicity stills amid the snowy Siberian landscape.




Photos recently released by the Kremlin show President Vladimir Putin of Russia walking through the Siberian wilderness in coordinated cold-weather gear. Photos recently released by the Kremlin show President Vladimir Putin of Russia walking through the Siberian wilderness in coordinated cold-weather gear.Credit...Kremlin pool photo by Alexei Druzhinin, via Associated Press

March 23, 2021

There are photo shoots, there are presidential photo shoots — and then there are Vladimir Putin presidential photo shoots. Rarely has the leader of a global power embraced the staged publicity still with such creative, yet clichéd, fervor, not just feeding the global desire for a caricature of himself, but actually creating it.

Cue, for example, his latest propaganda foray, released by the Kremlin, as bilateral relations with the United States turn frosty, and with the Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny’s description of Mr. Putin as “Vladimir, the Poisoner of Underpants” still reverberating through the air.




The Russian president is also depicted driving an all-terrain vehicle. The Russian president is also depicted driving an all-terrain vehicle.Credit...Kremlin pool photo by Alexey Druzhinin, via Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

In a series of photos of Mr. Putin on a weekend jaunt to the snowy Siberian taiga, the 68-year-old president is shown in his usual favorite outdoor setting, displaying his connection to nature, manly toughness and appreciation of country. In the vastness of the largely empty landscape, he looms large. At least that was probably the idea.

He is, to be specific, caught — as if by chance! — looking serious and steely behind the wheel of a camo-covered all-terrain vehicle so giant it seems nothing could stop it; posing knee-deep in a snowy drift while wearing a plush-yet-cozy sheepskin jacket, matching pants and ivory turtleneck and looking piercingly toward the future; calmly navigating a rickety bridge over a frozen river with his defense minister, Sergei Shoygu, trailing behind; and then enjoying a bracing outdoor picnic of sausages and crudités with Mr. Shoygu (who is wearing a matching outfit) at a table covered in a white cloth, fur blankets tossed over the benches and metal mugs raised in harmony.

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Cold? What cold?




And another of the Siberian photos has Mr. Putin knee-deep in a snowy drift, wearing a plush-yet-cozy sheepskin jacket, matching pants and ivory turtleneck. And another of the Siberian photos has Mr. Putin knee-deep in a snowy drift, wearing a plush-yet-cozy sheepskin jacket, matching pants and ivory turtleneck.Credit...Kremlin pool photo by Alexei Druzhinin, via Associated Press

Most political leaders favor sanctioned pictures of themselves looking serious and hard at work in the office. President Obama, for example, often posed behind his desk and with sleeves rolled up. President Emmanuel Macron of France famously released a “making of” video about his official portrait, depicting himself carefully arranging various symbolic accessories on his desk.

But Mr. Putin has always opted for a different approach. One that emphasizes the physical over namby-pamby paper-pushing, and speaks to old stereotypes of virility, strength and machismo. Not to mention good health. The kind that allows you to stay in office for a long time.

It has become a sort of absurdist art form unto itself.

He was pictured, for example, in a similar sheepskin outfit in 2010 — though without the matching fur hat and mittens — riding through the Siberian snow on horseback, and on a trip to the Russian Arctic, hugging a polar bear. He has ridden a motorbike in black leather (a photo that was so popular, a British company, Matchless London, named a jacket in his honor), played ice hockey (making many goals) and worked out with the Russian judo team.


This action-man framing reached its apogee in 2017, when Mr. Putin was photographed mostly bare chested while hunting, spearfishing and otherwise pursuing manly activities in the Siberian outdoors. Afterward, he was caught basking shirtless in the sun, eyes hidden by black shades.




 In 2017, Mr. Putin’s hunting and fishing trip included sunbathing in wraparound shades.Credit...Kremlin pool photo by Alexei Nikolsky, via Reuters

“How could you not vote for a torso like that?” a Moscow newspaper asked at the time. It probably only seemed like a rhetorical question.

By 2019, Mr. Putin had pivoted his image-making to shots that referenced his bond with the earth rather than his dominance of the same, posing while sitting peacefully in a field clutching a bouquet of wildflowers he presumably picked himself, or reclining on a craggy tor. Nevertheless, he remained costumed in shades of olive green and silhouettes that resembled fatigues. The implicit messaging was still tough. It was just more about tough love.

The new Siberia photos are firmly in line with this tradition. If they are not exactly subtle — indeed, the image-making is so obvious, it has inspired a fair share of social media ridicule and memes — it is also true that when it comes to Mr. Putin, subtlety has never really been part of the … well, picture.

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Acne Studios x Ben Quinn

For Spring/Summer 2021, Acne Studios presents a range of garments, accessories and limited edition Musubi bags featuring psychedelic star prints created by LA based artist, Ben Quinn. The prints as seen on the runway are characterised by stars and dreamy shapes, painted as a psychedelic dream, referring to the artist's relationship and personal experience with the supernatural and unknown.


Acne Studios SS21Ben QuinnA10179-AMC_A.jpgA00286-BLA_D.jpgAF0201-ALC_D.jpgA10179-AMC_C.jpgAL0204-BIO_C.jpgBen QuinnA10179-AHX_A.jpgAF0200-AAS_D.jpgAC0368-ALC_D.jpgA10179-AHX_C.jpgAC0367-ALC_C.jpgA20296-AAB_D.jpgAF0195-J83_D.jpgC10062-BIO_A.jpg

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adidas ZX 10,000 C "Chocolate Bunny"


With the introduction of Torsion technology and the ZX series, adidas Originals turned the running market upside down. The decisive success factor was the invention of the torsion bar (or torsion bones), with the help of which adidas was able to manufacture different shoes for different needs of runners. In this way, problems such as pronation and supination could be tackled in the sole.

With the ZX 1000C, where the »C« stands for cushion, a real legend is now coming to our shelves! The running silhouette was originally intended for runners who had the highest demands on cushioning in the sole system.

Here the brand with the three stripes presents us with the ZX 10,000 C "Schokohase". Thanks to the rich brown tone, the sneaker immediately reminds you of a delicious chocolate bunny that is usually eaten at Easter. When it comes to material, adidas uses mesh on the toebox, matching the suede upper of the same color and the leather Trefoil on the tongue.

adidas - ZX 10,000 C Chocolate Bunny - GX7576adidas - ZX 10,000 C Chocolate Bunny - GX7576adidas - ZX 10,000 C Chocolate Bunny - GX7576

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Adidas Originals Women Stan Smith Primegreen Tinkerbell


As part of the adidas x Disney, Stan Smith collection, the silhouette comes here in a Tinkerbell look. The Disney legend is eternalized in an eye-catching colorway including a green sideprint and color-coordinated laces and heel cap on the otherwise white upper. Not only are the design elements green, as the sneaker also uses the sustainable Primegreen upper, which consists of at least 50% functional recycled materials. Simply an absolute must for every Disney and Stan Smith lover!

adidas - Stan Smith W Primegreen - FZ2714adidas - Stan Smith W Primegreen - FZ2714adidas - Stan Smith W Primegreen - FZ2714EMAIL-0790-ut8wtbe.jpgadidas-woman-fz2714-stan-smith-primegreen-3.jpg

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