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Who cares? He can make it iconic just like Zola 25 and Terry 26

https://theathletic.com/2044050/2020/09/05/havertz-transfer-mclachlan-marina-phone-call-lampard-real-madrid/ Some inside info from The Athletic on our pursuit-purchase of Havertz... - Club s

I wait around all day incase we announce him and then as soon as I take an afternoon nap it happens and I miss it. 😆😆😆 LETS GOOOOO! I distinctly recall saying when we were first linked

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I don’t know if the eventual default front four will be Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech, and Havertz. But the prospect of those 4 getting used to one another, and gelling together, has me anticipating a really exciting and beautiful attack.

Hopefully the other six can defend a little, because I don’t think those four are going to be lock down defenders.

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24 minutes ago, Dingus said:

What a transfer window.

Havertz completes one of the best windows in our history. And a window befitting of our stature as a European force.

World class talent with their best years to come.

Hi Kai.

And the women's team has also signed one of the best players in the world along with one of the most promising young talents on the planet. Feels good.

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I'm sure Frank is going to want energy bunny pressing from the front four.
Id be uber surprised with Havertz can press that well. Pulisic is good enough. Ziyech and Werner are top tier

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