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Didier Drogba

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Didier Drogba honoured by Football Writers' Association as Jose Mourinho hails striker as Chelsea's best value player of all time DROGBA: MOURINHO SPEAKS ABOUT DROGBA 'Didier arrived at Stamford Br

Drogba asked Torres how his goal record has come along since he left. Torres did not find that question amusing.

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Football should seriously consider to add another position called DD. It would be a striker who is also defender, winger and midfielder.

All glory to you Didi, for me the best striker ever.

King that will be missed, but never forgotten.

Legend that will be gone, but always written in history.

There will never be another one like you, big man.

Happy to have had this chance to watch you all these 8 years.

I wouldnt mind if he makes 2 year contract and then, properly retires here.

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Surely, Surely a Ballon'dor nomination and might even a win?

You have the likes of Messi, RVP, Ronaldo, and Gomez who scored handful of goals this year. But when it really mattered, on the highest level, when we desperately needed them to perform, when they showed true passion of the likes no one has seen before, surely Drogba gets the win in my book.

You absolute beauty of a legend, leave or stay, your name is engraved at this club.

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Haven't been his biggest fan only because of some of his on-field antics over the years. Thought he didn't have it in him to lead us to glory anymore. But boy have I been proved wrong.

A true legend in every possible way. An even greater man off the field. Can't thank you enough Didier.

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Actually thought he did nothing of note yesterday TBH. He hardly won any balls in the air and whenever Cech launched the long goal kicks, he just allowed Bayern to win it easily & let them to come at us again and again and again. That is till when he suddenly scored the goal and scoring the winning penalty. Since we won it, guess all is forgiven. :lol:

Give over with it. Every ball in the air within close proximity, Drogba challenged for and mostly won. There was times you would see him running towards the defenders in desperation as he was offered little support throughout. Would you run around endlessly to chase down loose balls and win balls in the air when their is no-one available to compete for the second ball? I sincerely doubt it.

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Give over with it. Every ball in the air within close proximity, Drogba challenged for and mostly won. There was times you would see him running towards the defenders in desperation as he was offered little support throughout. Would you run around endlessly to chase down loose balls and win balls in the air when their is no-one available to compete for the second ball? I sincerely doubt it.

Suit yourself and don't go make silly assumptions!

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The player I most was looking forward to meeting this summer in Miami was Drogba. But I hope he moves on. I would probably cry when he decides to move on but sometimes you just have to Let Go.

Scoring the winning penalty would be the most extra ordinary way by which he could bow out. He will always be remembered for that. That the high I want him to leave us on.

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I wonder how Mourinho would have felt watching Drogba do what he did. I can only guess he was proud, deep down he was glad to see his warrior do it again.

Mourinho would of been smiling. He was a blue last night, when asked if he was a blue for the final he said "always a blue"

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EXCLUSIVE: Drog's out! Didier China-bound after his Champions League win

Didier Drogba has almost certainly kicked his last ball for Chelsea, with the club expecting him to confirm his free transfer to Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua.


It is understood Drogba has already agreed a deal with the Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua and Chelsea would have to help him buy himself out of the agreement if he were to stay at Stamford Bridge.


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The dressing room was silent as Drogba spoke softly to the cup. This is the inside story of... Chelsea's glory

Bruce Buck compared it to a ‘religious experience’, this extraordinary scene in the Chelsea dressing room after an extraordinary Champions League final when Didier Drogba addressed the European Cup.

Not so much man-to-man as man to magnificent metal object, Drogba spoke to the trophy as if those ear-like handles could hear his every word.

Everyone else stopped. Roman Abramovich was mesmerised; Roberto Di Matteo delayed his departure for the post-match press conference. The players simply stood in awe, intent on listening to their match-winner’s speech.

With the flag of the Ivory Coast draped across his shoulders, Drogba leapt on to a table in the centre of the dressing room.

‘Why have you avoided us for such a long time?’ he said, almost berating club football’s greatest prize. ‘Flirting with us, eluding us.’

He spoke of ‘Barcelona in 2009’, of ‘Moscow’ the year before, eventually focusing on the chronology of the evening.

Only occasionally did the other players interrupt, chanting to Drogba, to Abramovich, to the members of the Chelsea board, that they wanted their striker to stay at the club beyond this season; that his decisive penalty should not be his last act as a Chelsea player.

‘It was like he was praying to the cup,’ said Buck, the Chelsea chairman, after emerging from the team hotel on Sunday morning.

‘It was almost a religious experience. He talked about Barcelona — not this year’s Barcelona, but the previous time — and about Moscow. It really was a lot of fun.’

Abramovich gave a speech of his own, using director Eugene Tenenbaum to translate his emotive Russian.

‘Roman gave a little thank you speech in the dressing room,’ said Buck. ‘The message was it was all down to the boys. They did it. We’ve had a tough season, a bunch of highs and lows, but they grasped it and deserved all the credit. And they do.’

Clearly a little emotional himself, Buck continued: ‘It was very difficult when Andre (Villas-Boas) left because Andre’s a really good guy. I guess we just felt it was something that had to be done and, obviously, it’s turned out correctly for us.

‘The spirit in the dressing room after the match was unbelievable. The camaraderie; they were sitting and talking for the longest time. They didn’t get back to the hotel until almost three o’clock in the morning.’

Some of them partied all night. Buck made it to his bed but he discovered colleagues who never made it that far on Sunday morning, slumped on sofas and in armchairs around the hotel.

At the same venue on the eve of the game the atmosphere was somewhat calmer, with Di Matteo playing a motivational masterstroke that took the players by surprise.

Edited beautifully, officials said, by staff at the club, Di Matteo treated his squad to a video that not only contained goodwill messages from family members but also had footage of the players from over the years, some dating back to when they were kids.

The Italian had the DVD put together in secret. It lasted less than half-an-hour but it featured every member of the squad who had a chance of playing, including Ryan Bertrand.

There were, said some of the players, a few teary eyes but it also sparked some amusing banter, removing some of the tension from the air.

Di Matteo has been clever, even when it comes to the way he deals with Chelsea’s owner. He does not divulge their private conversations, just as he does not try to apply any pressure in the media.

‘Whatever decision the club reach I will accept,’ he said. ‘My future is not important.’

The selection of Bertrand was a bold one but it was also another example of his astute management; another reason why he should be considered for the role on a permanent basis.

‘I don’t like to gamble,’ he said. ‘I see these players every day in training. I have watched him develop and every time he plays he has been one of our best players. I tried different options and that looked like the best option for the team.

‘Our preparation was difficult because of the injuries and suspensions. It was not ideal for a Champions League final. But the desire and motivation of the players has been great.’

Di Matteo would not discuss his future and there was not much he could say about Drogba’s either. But he called the striker ‘a fantastic servant for the club’ before praising others in his side.

‘Ashley Cole was immense, Frank Lampard, the whole team,’ he said. ‘Petr Cech was fantastic.’

He was, and he was also the one player who missed Drogba’s address because he was busy trying to provide the drug testers with a urine sample.

‘By the time I got to the dressing room everyone had gone,’ said Cech. As had that elusive trophy.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2147273/Chelseas-Champions-League-inside-story.html#ixzz1vSuDUFoX



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