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Curse of Oak Island


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Does amyone else watch this?

I love real life mysteries, conspiracies etc and have followed this series from the start.

Some info of Oak Island : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oak_Island_mystery

To begin with IF the evidence they are finding proves to be correct it could totally change the start of the North American history. It will mean that they pre dated Columbus in 1492

For those who dont know about Oak Island it is an Island in Nova Scotia where since 1795 people have been searching for buried treasure. Originally said to be Captain Kidd and Blackbeards. But everything is supposedly there from the Holy Grail, Marie Antinettes jewels, Shakespears works, Ark of the Covenant, pirate treasure, Spanish treasure, Templar treasure etc etc

Theres been many theories as to who buried it here. The main theory is the Templars (who splintered into other groups when disbanded for example Pirates). That during their crusades amassed a large wealth from the cities they plundered. And when they heard King Phillip IV was out to get them loaded their ships and off they sailed to Oak Island.

Theres quite a bit of evidence and clues linking them to Oak Island. Many strange Templar symble carvings in stone and finds like a lead cross that comes from a mine in southern France where the Templars came from made in the 15th century. And an exact copy of it carved into a Templar leaders castle vault

Also documented links to Captain Kidd and Blackbeard using the island as vaults for the treasure they plundered.

Anyways over time theres been reports of chests of treasure discovered. With evidence of people who lived on the island digging it up, buying large plots of land and being very rich with no idea of how they made any money being poor farmers.


Theres been several major digs there since the early 19th century and people have died during the digs. As you can imagine the earlier ones only cared about finding gold so they used explosives etc which over time has totally fucked up any chance of doing it meticulously.

But whoever the architects were they devised traps down to a level of 120ft with tunnels leading to the sea which filled them full of water when the vacuum broke..

A lot of the origimal clues - carved flat slabs of stone with masonic symbles found 90 foot under ground, A large formation of stone boulders with carved symbles in the design of a 190 foot long  Latin cross but also part of a larger design of the Tree Of life. (A similar find was made in Scotland that was made by the Templars)  But a lot of the old finds/clues have been broken by uncaring diggers,lost or stolen. So new investigators have less to use in their search.

Theres been many people who have visited and spent time digging there eg F D Roosevelt. Investors like Errol Flynn and John Wayne but this program shows us the latest in the line of truth seekers the brothers Rick and Marty Lagina from Michigan bought half of Oak Island Tours and have sunk $ millions wanting to get to the bottom of it.

When I really get into a prog I like waiting till the seasons finished and watch them all in one go cause I cant bear waiting till the next week. But I found myself last night not able to wait any longer and watched the first 6 episodes of season 6.

I just wondered if anyone else was into it? Cause it intrigues me.


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1 hour ago, Vesper said:

Norse Vikings came to North America 500 years before Columbus and stayed for hundreds of years.

Was that on their rape and pillage tour? Missed that one lol

Think they missed Oak Island out on that one too.

And its not like it needed 'discovering' by anyone as there were people living there quite happily already eh.

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3 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

Was that on their rape and pillage tour? Missed that one lol

Think they missed Oak Island out on that one too.

And its not like it needed 'discovering' by anyone as there were people living there quite happily already eh.

Norse colonization of North America


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