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Insurgent. Better than Divergent and there are some good scenes but nothing really 'WOW' or 'OMG'. Meh.

divergent 2: insurgent

divergent 3: convergent

divergent 4: emergent

divergent 5: its urgent

divergent 6: im a surgeon

divergent 7: sturgeon

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Only a decade late to the party...

just watched Joker and i must say Joaquim Phoenix's performance was simply amazing, he deserves an oscar nod, great movie.

Was Torres the lead star by any chance?

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Interstellar 6/10 - Nice idea (although the final third was pretty ludicrous) and visually really good. Hate McConaughey. Hate Hathaway. Trust the writer to make the woman too emotional to do her job properly, even if she's a bloody astronaut. Not awful though.

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12 Angry Men (1957): 9.5/10

I like how the plot keeps intriguing despite the entire film taking place in one little room. Also black/white, but definitely worth the watch.

yeah really good movie

another good movie that takes place all in one room: Dial M For Murder

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3 Idiots (2009): 8.5/10

this has got to be one of the all time greatest foreign movies i've seen, definitely the best Indian movie

i recommend everyone to watch it, a life changing movie

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