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5. Jorginho

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6 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

Really long thread, cannot post it all...

Some great stat comparisons etc but even in his first season it was so obvious to me if we wanted to move forward and be a team that dominate the ball and play like the way we all wanted to he would be the key player in midfield. His passing range is always overlooked but as many have seen it is there and it is good. You need the movement and the fluidity in other areas of the pitch and we always haven’t had that. Even the fullbacks athleticism let us down st times particularly on the left before MS trusted Emerson. I felt Sarri would of brought that sort of football but it didn't really happen either and maybe he needed a bit longer but with Hazard and Willian in attack, who in my opinion more likely to want the ball to feet to try dribble or break a team down than run off it in the same way Pedro did at Barcelona or Sterling does for City under Pep or Callejon did for Sarri in Naples or get into the box regularly, it was always going to need time or personnel changes to make it work. Pulisic I think has that selfless running and ability to get into the box in an area between the two goal posts regularly and now Werner as well could have done that from the left.

obviously now with Frank its no surprise to see we are upgrading in attack, these additions should be aiming to improve the fluidity, movement and overall quality which should help Jorginho as well from that deeper position to find runners over the top more or players at least making movements that can open space up for other players in the team as well.

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Part of me desperately want to see the people suffer a meltdown over Jorginho had he gone to Man City and done well under Guardiola. Those same fellas who are criticizing now would be the same ones ba

I'm fuckin ashamed at peeps booing Jorgi. Call themselves supporters. Why the fuck does he get singled out when all the other cunts play shit useless too? Such selective memories of some! I'm gon

He’s made the most forward passes in the PL so this is rubbish. Open up your mind, expand your football knowledge. Learn the regista role and what it’s meant to do, it’s function in a team. 

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On 20/08/2020 at 9:04 PM, NikkiCFC said:

He can play through press much better than majority of our other players.

In this two minutes video you can see how he did very well but Barkley, Giroud and Mount destroyed every possible attack. 

With Kai, Timo, Puli and Hakim here next season, Jorginho can be essential player again.

But I respect also if we go other direction and go for Rice but to sell Jorgi with no players in for this position would be very stupid because he is our best option as DLP.

I agree that he lacks athleticism so I would suggest him to do Goretzka.


Damm, Gore is really handsome.

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23 hours ago, !Hazard! said:

Good performance against Holland

My impression with Jorginho is that every time he does not perform well, every other team mate in the field is more responsible for that then him.

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4 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

Nah, sell him for 30m and buy Rice for 80m lol

Rice cannot clean Jorgis boots.

That goal was a pen, that assist was a 30 yard pile driver from RJ.

Other than that, Mount had as many key passes, more tackles won, 39 passes with a better pass%. Surprising how one had a MoTM performance for you, and another was below average. 

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Should have moved him on last summer, this is exactly why some of us were adament we needed Thiago, he could do a job, Jorgo is lightweight and seemingly cant do the basics anymore. Forget Rice, we need a proper midfielder beside Kante and Kova....I would kill for a prime Essien atm.

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Everyone is complaining about our style of play in our first two games, but we are forgetting that Jorginho started both. He is a big influence on the way we play anytime he's on the pitch. We can never hope to play quick, fast paced football due to him "controlling the game", slow slow football, Werner will be wasted with no one quickly getting the ball to him since we have to build slowly with Jorginho.

I complained about this last season too on why Gilmour is far better for Lampard's system than Jorginho. And this labored attacking football is part of it. Play Kante and Kova in a double pivot and suddenly we have a dynamic pair and more speed to our game.

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