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Grzegorz Krychowiak

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Experienced player with 45 games for Poland. Very good and fast DM when it comes to aerial, tackles, interceptions etc. Compared to Matic he does almost twice as many tackles per game, three time as many interceptions per game and three times as many headers won per game.

I wonder if Conte is trying to build a wall around Fabregas in a midfield three. This guy and Kante or Bakayoko leaves Fabregas to concentrate on attacking.

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20 minutes ago, King11Didier said:

He was really good at Sevilla. At Psg he was injured most of the time, if Im not wrong. Could be a decent squad player for the right amount of money. 


This has him down having missed only six games through injuries but still he played just 19 games out of PSG's 57 matches in all competitions and only started 11 of those.

Not really sure what went wrong with him at PSG because at Sevilla Krychowiak was one of the manager Emery's top performers and followed his old coach to Paris so it would be easy to assume he'd fit in pretty well there too but from what I've heard he had a pretty shocking season.

For a reasonable price around €15-20m it could be a decent gamble to get this guy as fourth CM but I doubt he'd want to join if not given a starting role. Pretty sure he was just a backup alternative for Bakayoko and not quite convinced the club are still interested in him. 

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Well he was good before last season but in PSG he looks awful. I dont think we consider him, maybe on bench but I prefer our lads. For me if he doesnt make transfer request so far he definitely choose money over ambitious.

I dont  know if he has any future in Poland team if he doesnt change club and play(expectantly before world cup in 2018).

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He was excellent at Sevilla and also at Euro 2016, off the back of which he came to PSG with Emery.


I was really surprised that it didn't work out for him there, especially as he came with his coach. It wasn't really an injury issue, he made a few mistakes early, and Matuidi, who was supposed to leave, didn't.


Could be a good option if cheap-ish.

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What club do you lot follow? Why do you care about money? The board will not allow the club to go broke. If there is serious interest and the player wants to join then there are people in place to make that happen. It's up to them to worry about the details. 

He's a good player that I can't imagine they'll give up on easily. He would be excellent rotating for that mid two role. Ideal really if he can remain healthy.

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would take him with open arms. He is a like a deluxe version of matic, faster, stronger, better passer and tackler.  I'd genuinely see him challenge for a spot in the starting XI if he returns to his Sevilla form which he still is in the best age to do. Would be an immense signing thus won't happen given the incompetence of our board. 

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This would make sense as a 4th choice CM. Like literally a perfect signing. Not too expensive, will come without pressure on him too. About £15m less than what Drinkwater is being quoted for too. 

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