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11 hours ago, Superblue_1986 said:

There is a big difference between strikers who have flopped for Chelsea and first choice strikers who have flopped.

We've definitely brought some dross, but certainly in the last 20 years I can only think of Torres and Sutton as first choice strikers who have been pitiful. 

Zola, Vialli, Hughes, Flo, Hasselbaink, Drogba, Costa...we've far from had it too bad.


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Fucking hell this thread has become pathetic. 

The conditions couldn't have been worse for a debut performance. But he gave Chelsea fans something to be positive about. Well done, son.

This thread is beyond pathetic. People are actually calling him Torres #2 for 20 minutes of play where he was completely isolated upfront and a penalty he missed. What would you expect Morata to do in

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7 hours ago, Cosmin said:


Oh, wait! :D

I'm just kidding, it was just a bad game. He only had a few trainings with the team. Cut the guy some slack.

Tbf the exact same thing was said about Torres. "He has not been training with the team enough", "he is not used to the new environment", "he is low on confidence becasue he has not played so much recently " and all this shit. It fits the notion spread in the media that Morata, similar to Torres, is kind of  a nice guy, a sensible palyer who needs the backing and confidence of the maanger in short a sissy who can not cope when things are nog oing his way. The penalty miss also adds to this. I do not bealieve the case is as grave as with Torres. Morata is younger, bigger, in better physical condition bought as the manager's not the owner's darling, had at least half a pre-season with the team. Also better players have missed more important penalties. Finally, the msot important reason why I think MOrata will succeed other than Torres is this: For him to play it is not Drogba we need to renounce - but Michy Batshuayi. 

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Imagine on your first day at work your colleagues start whining about the fact that:

-you were very silent the whole day, you must be a poor addition to the team

-it took you a while to figure out how the company's ERP system works

-They had to hold the elevator door because you came in seconds behind them => slow!!!

Give the guy some time will you? I start to believe that some 'fans' here will only tell someone is good after scoring match winning hattricks...

On topic: still think we should have gone for Lukaku. Pre-season or not... he would have been 100% ready! 

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morata is not a target man... that would have been lukaku.

morata is a player who will, hopefully, enable his attacking teammates to do more and score more.

that lukaku cannot do.

point being that the club made a choice on how to play rather than on merely picking one striker vs another.

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He needs to get that 1st goal under his belt quick the longer morata doesn't get a goal the more he will started to lose his confidence so Mr conte please started with him against Burnley 

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16 minutes ago, Hybrid Angel said:

This thread is beyond pathetic. People are actually calling him Torres #2 for 20 minutes of play where he was completely isolated upfront and a penalty he missed. What would you expect Morata to do in this situation? He did all he could in winning multiple headers - which Costa never did - and he was unfortunate that he missed a penalty, which everyone does. 

In fact I found that he was quite good given the circumstance he was in. He's just been super unlucky this pre season. Getting played out on the wing a lot and the one time he gets to be a lone forward he is so isolated because the team is down a goal and is parking the bus. 

Not to mention some on this forum are calling him out for his 'weak mentality'. What nonsense. The boy has a very good record in the Champions League and has overall proved himself to be a big performer in big games. Apparently 20 minutes isolated upfront is a more accurate sample size than his record in the past 3 seasons.

You don't belong here with your sensible and well thought out posts.

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