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Just now, Vesper said:

clip (or snip) is used on very discussion forum I have been on that allows link articles 

Explains it - I dont get around much. Basically HERE lol

I will take that as a bollocking lol

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Suso attracting Chelsea’s interest

Finding the net in Sunday’s 3-2 win over Sampdoria, it is no surprise that the twice-capped Spanish international is being linked with some of Europe’s most prestigious sides.

Of AC Milan’s 18 Serie A goals this season, Suso has been directly involved in 10.



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48 minutes ago, Sideshow Luiz said:

Not a lot of pace, but he looks like he's got a bit of Pedro's game in him.  



A lot more creative than Pedro as well I would say.

Brilliant player when it comes to receiving the ball on the half turn, always forward thinking, not very very quick but good in 1v1s, decisive in the final third, still room to improve. His form at Milan the past 2 years has been impressive considering their struggles for consistency.

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2 hours ago, the wes said:

Rumoured to have a  €38 million release clause.

Rodrigo De Paul from Udinese has also been impressive this season. After our game on Sunday Udinese will play against Milan.


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5 hours ago, 11Drogba said:

Rodrigo De Paul from Udinese has also been impressive this season. After our game on Sunday Udinese will play against Milan.


I was just going to watch some footage of him, seems like he might be worth investigating.

Tracking to 18 to 20 goals in Serie A and 10 to 12 assists.

Udinese has a great young (21yo) Italian CMF as well.

Rolando Mandragora

who they got from Juve for 20m euro.

I mentioned him here


Those 2, and their relatively young (turns 24 in December) Brasilian CB, Samir, plus 2 other young (both 23) CMF's

Antonin Barak (Czech, I rate him fairly high) and Seko Fofana (French, ex Shitty youngster)

are by far their best players.

They are weak at fullback (they do have 2 really young ones, 20 yo Italian LB Giuseppe Pezzella and 21yo Dutch RB Hidde ter Avest, who may step up in a year or two) , DMF (their captain, the Swiss Valon Behrami will be 34 in April and is on the rapid decline) , and CF.

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1 minute ago, Vesper said:


I caused a confusion I guess. This is Suso's thread. I shared Rodrigo's video because he is also having a good season and will play against Milan on Sunday.

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6 minutes ago, Vesper said:

Agree. £33.8m for him is a steal. 

Yes, and that way a lot of money would be available to buy a proper striker. Also, we could sell Pedro / Willian if Suso comes.

I think Suso is somewhat better than Willian, but main difference is that Suso is the best on the right side. Willian is at the left, where we have (at least for now) Eden Hazard.

Suso would be like a somewhat better Willian, always playing on his most preferred position.

Also, CHO is also playing his best on the left. We are really in a need of one natural (probably left-footed) right-winger. Even RLC could be good on the left wing because he can dribble and shot well, with his right foot.

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I couldn't agree more. It fucking sucks that Hazard is a LW, as if he was RW, Willian could play his natural position, where I have FAR FAR FAR fewer issues with him at. He is (at least twice, if not more) a radically better player at LW.

2 of our 3 huge problems (striker being the third, of course) revolve around positional issues. Willian being played out of position (and an ageing Pedro being hurt all the time), and Kante as well. We can do nothing about Kante unless we sack Sarri (which I so so so so do NOT want to do for years) as the system will not be changed.

Barcelona wanted Willian for LW, so they could then ditch Dembele. Now they still want to sell Ousmane so maybe still want Willian, BUT if Hazard leaves, Willian can then play LW until we get a truly WC replacement for Eden.

This sounds crazy, BUT, if Eden does go, I would rather us go for Mbappe at RW and just let Willian play as LW starter for 2 more years. IF we got (we wont, obviously, due to contract wind-down... THANKS MARINA, you fucking cunt!!!) what Eden is truly worth (£200m or so) then it is NOT insane at all to make a stab at Mbappe, as he would only cost £50m to £100m more, which is certainly doable (striker buy or not).

THEN we would also finally be able to play CHO a lot, and as Willian would be 31 next season, CHO would KNOW he is soon given all shot at being the starter.

Lets say we do end up with Piatek as striker, and he is as good as he has shown.

Imagine a front 3 (within 2 years or so) of CHO Piatek Mbappe! or any other good/great striker. If you insert Icardi or Dybala in there, and CHO truly comes good to Jadon Sancho (so far) level, that's a front 3 that can win EPL and CL as long as we keep Kovacic. and the back 4 are shored up (just selling donkies ,Morata, Moses, and Bakayoko, even at loses, completely covers de Light buy, or we could offer Ajax AC plus £40m or so) and we still have Cahill, Bats (if sSarri refuses to play him), Zouma, Drinkwater, Cesc etc etc etc to dump to fund the striker.

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I am somewhat skeptical we are in for him, nothing against the player but it feels like we are the easy team to link with the on form player in Serie A. Happened all the time with Conte as well. He is in top form right now and that goal yesterday was an absolute beauty.

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1 hour ago, Magic Lamps said:

Reminds me of Mata with a bit more power. So quite good in most games but his lack off pace always made him useless in big games where he had to play against wingbacks who were stronger, faster and more agile. 

seems like a decent player I rather go for Hirving Lozano 

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