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Chelsea 4-0 Man United

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  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Courtois
    • Moses
    • Azpilicueta
    • Luiz
    • Cahill
    • Alonso
    • Kante
    • Matic
    • Pedro
    • Hazard
    • Costa
    • Chalobah (sub)
    • Batshuayi (sub)
    • Willian (sub)

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I remember me saying at half-time in the Arsenal away game, when losing 3-0 - screw this game, it is already lost, so now we could at least try to change things, replace players, just do anything. Conte did exactly this. He sent in Alonso, although many asked several and serious questions. But look now. I am glad Conte saw things and decided to change them. Now keep working hard, keep going and growing.

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31 minutes ago, y10edn said:

Great game, careless who their manager is, almost everyone that wore that shirt today could have been more:

Coutour, Luiz, Moses, Pedro,Azpi, Matic, Alfonso, Kante(what a game to score your 1st goal), Cahill, Hazard and even Costa:

enjoy some videos:


can someone tell me why this song is connected to Chelsea?

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30 minutes ago, blueblood22 said:

can someone tell me why this song is connected to Chelsea?

Its Madness -Suggs is a Chels fan and was there today as always.

Apart from that One Step Beyond is appropriate when we progress in the league or tounaments

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4 hours ago, Barbara said:

So many players recovering their best form or slowly getting there...

I think the 3-4-3 is here to stay (even Pep tried it today) and we are gelling it up and I think we'll do even well from here.

Important win in a big match - if this Manchester, two points less than Van Gaal's last season can be considered big, except for a big mess.

We don't have Iva in the team anymore, players are happy, working hard, getting a better understanding.

We can still look a bit shaky in defense sometimes, but David is getting better and Dave is helping him and Cahill to look better.

There's a good environment in the pitch, in the dressing room, Antonio is passionate and today even acted as cheerleader asking the crowd to support the team louder.

Players such as Courtois and Matic are finally getting better, Hazard has been a joy to watch, and I want to marry Kanté.


Last time a change of formation was so revolutionary in the PL was Mourinho MarkI with the 4-3-3. 

As you noticed we are now witnessing the revolution of another formation in the PL. 

I even remember Raniere trying it the second half in the last game against them. 


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I put 250 euros on Zlatan for top scorer of the season.
With Pogba and Rooney to assist I thought it was a steal.
Also tall players always do well in the premier since the time of Joe Jordan and before that, so I thought it was a steal.
They offer me to cashout 112 euros now.
With those 112 euros I will be in a position to contribute a little to the family's Christmas dinner this year.
What is the forum's opinion ?

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1 hour ago, Johnnyeye said:

dude stay classy and have some respect, he has his own views like everyone else, respect him even if you dont agree with him, there is no need to bad talk him behind his back, look im a Mourinho fan too, or at least i was for many years, but now my focus is on Conte and Chelsea, Mourinho is gone and while i enjoyed very much the fact we beat the mancs, lets not lose class and forget everything he did for uss, because the man is immortal at Chelsea either you love him or hate him, he made history anyway you look at it, he makes mistakes like every manager, hes not perfect, far from it but he has a massive CV to show for it, and he made us a force in football, and dispite all the shit that happened here during his stint, old an new, i wish the man nothing but  the best in his future,  but not against us of course. Lets face it, its Mourinho and to me he will always be our special one. Cheers

I think that is what I been trying to tell him and other people here. Managers have a general shelf life that of players. They don't stay top for a long time, saf was the exception. After that I noticed most managers have like a 10 year range. Otherwise why capello being great fell out? Arigo? Wenger in his time was great as well even Benitez. 

We had to get rid of him and his shadow and I'm so glad what happened to him last season. Now that shadow is gone and can move forward which we are doing with Conte. 

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1 hour ago, Fernando said:

We had to get rid of him and his shadow and I'm so glad what happened to him last season. Now that shadow is gone and can move forward which we are doing with Conte. 

i wish he hadn´t left us in bad terms, but with his head held high, so many things went wrong last season, but now its in the past, we need to move forward, we cannot dwell on the past anymore, now its Conte´s era, a new cycle, new changes, new ideas, systems, players and atmosphere, we all need to give him support and hope he can succeed a lot with us. Cheers

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Well that was a long day but great fun at the Bridge.

Loudest we have been this season and didnt hear the Mancs (who are recognised as about the best away support in the premier league) until last few minutes after we had done all our "ole's".

Great tribute to Matthew Harding.

And some of you lot will find this hard.....but even Mourinhos name was sang.....admittedly we were 4-0 up  ;-)


Controlled match from beginning to end and after we went 2-0 up, we were doing the old Mourinho tactic of setting traps for them knowing they had to push forward.

Great team performance but Moses was brilliant and bossed the right side


Hope a few changes for West Ham so other players get used to the syatem before a tricky away at Southampton

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