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Swansea v Chelsea

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How on earth did costa miss that[emoji38]

Ball too close, he couldn't do a lot of movements, but he could have tried with the spikes of his boot. Don't know how to say that in English

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We started slow, improved, scored, kept things up for a while and then faded like a flower...

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- I'd get Costa off, he's a red card waiting to happen (more than usual) and Bats will cause trouble in their slow defence. 

- Kante's shooting is so Makelele :D

- Matic has been good so far

- Need to have a natural left footer on the left full back position, Dave is awesome at defence but going forward its unnatural. Move him to the right and get Alonso on.

- Good goal from Costa, my fantasy team needed that boost.


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After initially struggling with their high press, we dominated that half. Kante, Oscar, and Matic were all excellent as were Diego and Willian.

Just get Hazard to run at them more and more and we should score a couple more. Definitely don't think 1 goal will be enough. Not with Sigurdson out there who's a huge danger.

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4 hours ago, Unionjack said:

Had tears running down my legs after seeing Manure get their arses kicked yesterday and Mou dishing out 'it was the refs fault' spiel. Ahhh those were the days!

But I just managed to get 7/1 on us today so should be quids in guys!

Unfortunately I cant see many changes today with the if it aint broke dont fix it line I think MAYBE Luiz might get 10 mins at the end if we are 2 up but wouldn't it be great to have another clean sheet!

I would like to see us do 2 things sometime soon :

Partner Chalobah and N'Golo cause I think they would compliment each other great.

And give us 2 up front. Costa and Batman would go bonkers once they got their act together. Its already shown they work well.

I'm feeling carefree today so I see a win

Come on you fuckin Blues!

Maybe a 4-4-2 for North London n a fortnight PRAYING Happy is fit of course!!!

            Diego - Batman

Eden - Chalobah - N'Golo - Moses

    Alonso - Luiz - Happy - Dave


I think a lot of us would echo you on lineup changes that are necessary to give Chelsea an edge.

It wasn't a bad half away at Swansea, but I hope that Conte sees we need something else when we're repeatedly not really making things click in the opponent's half.

Already feeling like stagnation creeping with meager clear cut chances created. Too bad Chalobah isn't on the bench at least. An away fixture is a good time for Nathaniel.

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Taking everything into the mix (last year, lack of finesse, Iva [emoji23]) i kinda like what I see from our team. Kante is so nice, we have a concept, we have grit. We will get there this season!

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Solid first half. Struggled to build play under Swansea's press in the first 15 but the goal really changed the flow of the game.

If we had of the CBs walking the ball out under the press and giving us forward momentum we would be a lot more dangerous.

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6 minutes ago, CHOULO19 said:

Seriously, when Diego gets the ball on the wing, everyone should just get back to defense. He's going to get dispossessed. I have never seen a different end to that scenario. 

I'd say Diego is a better finisher than Michy but, apart from that, the Belgian gets all the ticks. 

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Not to Good a performance first half. 

Intensity was missing, especially considering Swansea have been dogshit.

This game can really do with some more pace(Pedro or bats) for Willian and Fabregas for matic.

Actually Costa should be subbed. He WILL get sent off otherwise. 

We can go for the win I feel now with substitutions. Swansea simply do not have the quality to hurt us

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