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The Conte Thread

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Hello, I am a Juventus italian fan and maybe I can help you to understand which kind of coach Conte is...(sorry for my english, I hope you will understand) When he arrived in Juventus, he fo

I think the fact that we stuck to our principles, pressing them high up the pitch in spurts throughout the game and more importantly, passing out from the back, even with a few mistakes (note - it goe

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On 20/09/2016 at 11:08 PM, petre.ispirescu said:

I am at the point where I do not give a single fuck about the result at the Emirates if it means THE CLUB moving forward. I'd rather lose with Alonso, Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Cesc and Moses on the pitch, than get a fucking lucky draw with Ivanovic, Oscar and Willian, (after Arsenal misses monumental chances and we play shite) and everything goes back to normal.

Ivanovic, Oscar and Willian benched from now on. If they don't want to be benched then fucking hand a transfer request because no Chelsea fan is going to miss you.

Cahill benched, too, when Terry or Zouma is available. 

Matic? I'd bench him, too. Chalobah looks so composed and seems to be playing a simple, clean game, unlike Matic who needs 10 touches to keep hold of the ball and always gets himself into the most stupid situations.

At this point I regret so much that the club let Cuadrado on loan so easy. Right now he'd have been perfect on the right.




Time for Conte to show his worth. Not only that, but this is a matter of taking THE CLUB forward. Think I will lose it if Ivanovic, Oscar and Willian are back and Cesc benched again.

Thats the side I'd pick too. I think Luiz-Happy will be a good partnership. Happy is strong'fast'tall and Luiz is good on the ball and has made some great passes.

I'm liking the Don nut he has made some decisions I just cant get my head around,

Matic-Oscar with Cescy just dont work It needs Chalobah-N'Golo with Cescy.

Cahill-Bane-JT are long long past their sell by date.Hes finally sat Mikel on the bench so I just pray that the powers that be are searching for replacements if they do insist on loaning out our good young needed defenders.

I'd also put Willian on the bench as hes not shown half of what he was last season. MAYBE he got POTY because of how average the other lads were? I do like the lad but his running around gets us nowhere.

And I wish he would make subs before 75 mins


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On 17/09/2016 at 4:13 AM, Fernando said:

We always beat Arsenal, so that should be a no brainer. If we are having problems against Arsenal I'll be worried. 

I will be worried when we take things for granted ;)

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The only thing Im realy dissapointed is that we look incredibly shit under pressure. Doesnt matter against which side. Derby County or City. 

The players start to panic, hoof the ball, pass back, all the way to GK, make stupid mistakes. Then there is the movement and passing vision that is rubbish when we get pressed. 

I would get the idea that our players were used to control the game and all of sudden, opponents decided to riot and march against us. As if our players faced that for the first time. But its not that, we always played the same style which was defending for more or less majority of time and let opponentc press us.

So maybe the players are simply shit in this aspect, mentaly and technicaly. 

I hope Conte fixes that. Gives more composure and control to our play. And make earlier subs. That would be great start.

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Conte: "Sometimes if you judge only for the wins, you make a big mistake and you pay for this in the future."

Anyone thinks of our 14/15 season with Mourinho when we completely focused only on short term winning and STILL kinda suffer consequences with this approach (selling amazing talented players, not replacing the core etc.)?

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there's a big difensive problem..the CB make terrible individual mistakes that compromise the possibility of victory--(can't take 2 goals/match)

i think he will pass to the 352 when terry and zouma get back..

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How hard is to see that we are a better team with Alonso and Oscar on the side ? 

How hard is it to see that tje likes of Ivanovic and Cahill should stay away as far as possible from the XI ?


I'm all for giving him time because the players still can't play fully his way ( mainly on the pressing as you can see from his in-game shouts ), but some of his decisions for the moment are terrible, absolutely terrible. 

Start by getting Oscar and Alonso in at half time, nobody's gonna convince me that it could be worse than this. 

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I am usually the guy that preaches for patience for the manger... 

Can we please sack this piece of shit imposter ?

Every manager that starts Ivanovic,Cahill,Matic and Willian should be sacked immediatly. There is no fucking reason to play them.

Doesn't help that we have Belgian Messi playing 1 good game in every 900 minutes to confirm his untouchable status.

Doesn't help that we have the worst Brazilians ever born in our team.

Sack every manager until someone drops Hazard, Ivanovic and co. 

Season is gone. 9-11 placement is what we are looking at, and judging by what i am seeing, we will be there for longer than Liverpool. Bye Bye glory days.

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Has the Russian called yet?

Like really, Conte will either change A LOT or he can go. Fine, we are losing the Arsenal tie with some embarassment but make fucking changes! Show you know what to do in the fufutre. We are not going to progress with half of the team so make fucking changes for the future!

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