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PSG v Chelsea

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AURIER will receive a suspension (confirmed in france because he recognized having "bad talk" about laurent Blanc)

Verrati will play for the 2nd half time i think but it will depend on the score

Dimaria and Lucas will be a poison ;)

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8 hours ago, Henrique said:

Good teams are supposed to smash awful sides.

Actually there are some reasons to believe more in this team than in the previous season:

1- The team showed tactical variations. We can park the bus and play ugly and boring football to get a safe 0-0 result, or can put some intensity and score 5. Matic, Mikel; Oscar, Willian, Fabregas; Costa will give you a different animal than Matic, Fabregas; Willian, Hazard, Pedro; Costa. Very different from the rigid 4-2-3-1 Mourinho adopted, that was so fucking predictable. We know that the only variation to the "classic" Matic; Fabregas; William, Oscar; Hazard; Oscar formation, was introducing Ramires in Fabregas position, and moving Fabregas to Oscar position.

2- This team showed fighting spirit since Mourinho left. During Mourinho's days when the team conceded a goal you actually knew we were going to lose, at the moment the guys are fighting until last minute, and Everton and United games showed this team can really fight back, very different from a team that would play a heartless football at home in two UCL in a row (against Atletico and PSG).

3- The team has some great individual quality.

4- The team is improving, so its the perfect moment to start a the UCL knockout stage. Many teams actually already reached their best moments this season and now are in decline, just like our team last season, that played a good football for the 1st half of the season, but was playing a shit football for the 2nd half, and this season we are doing the opposite way.

5- For the past seasons we have limited teams reaching the finals: Chelsea in 2012, Borussia in 2013, Atletico in 2014 and Juventus in 2015. We might be the limited team of the current season.

All good points BUT when we see how easily Cahill let an average player like Townsend score yesterday I have to be pessimistic. I think we can score against any team at the moment but I still don't trust our pathetic defence.

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Really hope we don't set out for a boring draw and actually have a go. They come across to me as a super arrogant side who think they'll dominate us. We can respect them without being cowards on the pitch.

Honestly, their midfield scares the shit out of me as does their front line. Verratti and co might boss our sluggish Fabregas/Mikel midfield. Ibra/Cavani/Di Maria/Lucas against Ivanovic and Cahill? Man...

Our best hope is to test their defenders and have a proper go at them. They will not have seen players of the quality of Hazard, Willian, or Costa in the shit French league. Quick passing, great off the ball movement from Diego, and a switched on Hazard should wreak havoc. If we turn up and play slow zombie-ball we'll get blown off the pitch and surrender 70% or more possession.

Maybe go for an all out, pacey attack featuring all three of Hazard, Willian, and Pedro behind Diego. Doubt we will, though, as I think Oscar is nailed on for this one.

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We will win this come on guys stop with the fucking negativity, it's fucking PSG, fuck them shits. This game will come down to experience, and we have the edge. Their only experienced players are Ibra, Di Maria, Luiz, Silva and Motta. We have JT, Iva, Costa, T-Bo, Fabre, Mikel, Cahill (all played in European finals). puck fsg

P.S. : Costa will eat them

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We must score over there...as away goals are very important...but also make sure that we are not in for a thrashing!..we must defend setpieces properly..lack of height is another problem with terry out..

Our defence worries me....ivan cahill baba...:ph34r:

Hope we do not concede many goals,,they will surely create chances..hope courtois will be amazing like last time!


Azpi      Cahill  Ivan    Baba

           Mikel      Cesc

 Pedro    Willian      Hazard        


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