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The Mourinho Thread

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I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

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Sounds like a position based on principle(/ethics?) rather than purely utilitarian concerns. Am I on the right track?

Greece is actually getting increasingly worse :/ Glasgows been treating me fine through ;)

old fashioned principles ,, enjoy Hogmanay ,,,,do you get to see Rangers or the Hoops?

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Furthermore Jurgens impact at Liverpool has been overexaggarated some what, the City and Saints matches were impressive but beyond that their hasn't actually been that much improvement, the Swansea and Newcastle games for Liverpool are as bad as any display we've put on this season.

He will probably sort the problems out, but he hasn't had the impact the Scouse loving media are suggesting.

I certainly don't think he's the messiah. But, I do think he's excellent and was the best manager without a job at the time. Certainly better than what's out there now.

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You can't blame the players; just like you can't blame soldiers for revolting or underperforming due to a toxic military officer, or employees who are underperforming due to a toxic CEO.

Its all the same; every solider, player, and employees wants to feel good about themselves, and that only happens when they are successful at their job.

The manager always takes responsibility for their subordinates.

Mourinho did not look like a leader to me this season at all. A leader takes responsibility for his team he never did in this situation. Blamed almost everyone players, media, ballboy, refs, medics, exterminators, etc.

I was never a fan of his tenure, never wanted him back at Chelsea from the start. Great he is gone, the club can move in the right direction now.

In your analogy, Mourinho isn't the CEO is he? That would be Roman and the board so doesn't a lot of what you're saying pertain to them?

I'm intrigued though as to what the right direction is because I'm fucked if I know? Is it the old 'Barcelona-lite' thing where we try and copy them so people really like us?

What is the right direction for Chelsea now?

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He oozes blue, he's proper Chels, but that doesn't mean he's the best man for the job. By that reasoning Kenny Dalglish should still be Liverpool manager even though what he's done at the club had set them back for years and is still kind of haunting them right now.

It doesn't work like that.

And I'm very certain SB won't be anywhere near as toxic as you're trying to make it out to be. There's time between now and the game, things will cool off. People are there to support Chelsea FC, not Jose Mourinho. We're more than a manager.

You can't tell me you were happy with the identity the club has generated under Mourinho?

Ossie's response basically satisfies what I was going to say.

Jose is a huge part of our club and its character and many of us won't forget that on Saturday if the players suddenly come out of the woodwork and perform.

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I generally think that after Monday, it was the realisation to Jose that he wasn't the man to turn this round. That he failed, and it was too late for him to turn it around, maybe hence why it was 'mutual' and the comments that he said in the post-match interview.

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I was, and I went to plenty of games at the Bridge during that time as well. I was one of Benitez's biggest critics. It certainly does not feel like that at all to me. I agree that Jose is a very important person at Chelsea and definitely helped starting the CFC revolution last decade but that doesn't automatically mean he's above everything this club is about.

When Rafa came in, there was anger. Now there's a general mood of despondency.

My problem isn't even that we're a point above the relegation zone. There's far more to it than that. It's the fact that he's completely gone back on what he's promised to establish here - not just about winning, but winning in style (Jose's own words in 2013 shortly after he arrived), about developing the massive potential we had as a team when he arrived, about giving our most talented crop of youth a chance to develop. We're doing none of that so far - I genuinely wouldn't mind Jose staying if he stuck to these promises.

I understand those criticisms, but we won the league last season. We won it playing some great football up until January and then coasted, but nothing we did in the summer looked to give us something more this season. There was no improvement to the squad, in fact it got weaker. That to me isn't Jose's fault, so then expecting him to put young, inexperienced players into a weaker side seems disadvantageous to both the team and the young players. Surely you want to integrate them when you're on the front foot, not when you're looking for consistency of results.

When Jose came back I was absolutely ecstatic but I love my club more, and I enjoy the fact that we're one of the leading clubs in the country and in Europe. We weren't heading in the right direction at all anymore and Jose has even lost what would've given him more time here - the ability to churn out wins. You can't say it's an irrational sacking. There is no way a squad this talented should be in the position we are now. We're not even a mid table team at the moment.

I'm not asking for rationality though. Nothing about supporting a club is rational, it's an emotional response. Supporting this club is about the experience of being with not just my family and friends but also about being with thousands of people with the same love. It's those emotional bonds you build that are important and we built that with Jose too. His influence, his personality is all over this club. We sang his name in 2012 because we knew how key he was to that.

Maybe we weren't playing stylish football, but some things are more important than that to some people.

I also don't see it as a worrying time either. I think if the board get it right, it'll give us a chance to get back onto the right path. Exciting times ahead. Hopefully we start realising our potential in the long term now.

People talk about right paths and potential but I'm unclear as to what it is you're alluding to. So for instance when the scousers talk about it, they mean get back to 'pass and move, it's the Liverpool groove' and when United talk about it they mean an attacking, wing-based play and when Arsenal talk about it, they probably mean the Wenger-style of play.

So what is this right path you're alluding to because for the last decade or so it's been very much Jose's fingerprints on everything. A return to fancy football that lacks steel?

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According to whom? Big gesture if true.

According to @ChatChelsea of course. I'm assuming you've never heard of them?

Nah, I heard it on the radio and seen on twitter at the same time.

Just seen The Independent report his compensation was around 10M.

Whatever the papers decide on reporting, i'm fairly certain it won't be the full amount.

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I think his most likely to take a year off to spend time with his sick fatherand family. I think Jose will do well as a national manager. Portugal would be a interesting project for him.

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He's a special manager. Maybe the last? Apart from simeone, which other manager would bleed for his club? After all, that's what the average man on the street really understands when he sits in the stadium - passion. And in Mourinho, it was like looking into a mirror on the touchline.

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