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The Mourinho Thread

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But he's in the position to coach attacking strategies in training. The fact is that as a coach, Mourinho has shown little evidence he knows how to do that. And this again was his main downfall.

Going by that logic, I've got a question for you - were you a straight A student in school? Because I'm sure your teachers gave it their all in the class room.

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I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

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The PL is an attraction in itself. I'm not bothered in the slightest where JM goes in all honesty, I'm more bothered about were our next 3 points are coming from. Along with the players he's created this mess whether people like it or not.

I agree. But those two guys will likely have City and United, possible CL clubs, as destinations. Not us.

Okay then, fuck Jose.

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Surprised me there with this somewhat abrupt decision - I thought he was going to last till next summer.

Thanks for all the good memories and excitement, Jose Mourinho.

But things were not working out as they should and enjoy the break before your next job.

Meanwhile, I would like to see the club appoint a manager who will allow the attacking players express themselves more instead of the endless back-tracking and with more youth players involved in first team action. The likes of Willian and Pedro will attack more and score more goals from now onwards, I am sure of that.

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Thanks for everything, Jose....again! You will always be remembered and loved as a Chelsea legend.

That said, the reactions are completely irrational, but I guess that was always bound to be the case. It's been for some time a matter of when and not if, with the most optimistic guesses being that he will be sacked at the end of the season. Regardless of how much actual blame you think is on Jose, as the manager he will always take the responsibility.

The new manager (hopefully Hidink not that other guy whom I've never heard of before) will likely raise morale and get the team playing better in the short term, but in no way are our problems solved. We need major changes in the starting XI in the summer.

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Why are some of you sad that he's gone? After the shit you said about him, I'd think you would be celebrating.

Because the club is number one priority.

We always want the club to do well no matter who is here.

It was not good with Mourinho and thus we are relieved he is gone because it means we can move forward.

But we are sad because after the club we appreciate the human being, the work that he did in the past.

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I think its a good decision. People dont exist in vacuum, they respond to their environment. Mourinho have always seemed to me like a person who will not change or adapt to anything but himself. This is why he is unable to stay in one club for too long, eventually he runs out of backers. I for one am tired of all the controversy, I want an adult as coach, and someone who is less rigid. Jose is freaking Stannis Baratheon.

The players have a lot of blame here, they have played horribly at times. It might be a combination of their ambition disappearing due to last seasons success, but also no doubt many of them lack loyalty to the manager. It doesnt matter who the manager is, but when you dont have the backing of your team, you are done.

There is a lot of talent in the squad, we just need a way to activate it. I am not too thrilled with Hiddink for now, but it is understandable as we will not get a top candidate in the middle of the season. There are some fun names in the summer though; Guardiola, Conte and De Boer are all talented managers who could do quite some work here.

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