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The Mourinho Thread

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After winning PFA Footballer of the year all he's done is backtrack and freak out to Jose's Ronaldo comparisons. He laid it out publicly he won't ever be in that group, one goal is enough. Etc etc. Then packs on the weight and his moron national team coach says well in so many words the EPL is tough for you so go join Spain

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I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

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When we had those we finished sixth in the league. Stop being emotional.

no we did not.

we finished 3rd if i am not wrong.

we are currently 15th.

and we had bought a 21 year old eden, 20 year old oscar etc etc. they needed the time to acclimitize, to settle in. 3 years on, they seem disinterested. cesc and costa seem bored just after 1.

why wont i be emotional. jose and his ego has single handedly fucked us up. we have lost some massive talents because of him and now have no creativity what so ever.

when was the last time we even scored a goal from a proper attacking play.

soton - freekick

porto - freekick

kiev - no goal

villa - guzan mistake, own goal

today - set piece

the players seem to have lost any and all interest. i guess the fans should do that too.

the manager seems to be busy thinking of excuses than to actually deal with the situation.

sorry, but he has to go. i thank him from the bottom of my heart for getting us the PL last season at the cost of some brilliant players which we needlessly sacrificed for his system. but he has been found out. he has shown no indication of showing that he can adapt. cant see a single reason of telling him stay.

we have 3 very important games to come. stoke in the cup (imprtant for form as well as european qualification), kiev in CL (for the qualification to the knockouts) and pool (i know top 4 is only a dream but pool are goin to be no.1 contenders for it, and this is a 6 pointer).

i dont want to watch us getting eliminated from 2 competitions as well as losing any hope for top 4 within 10 days.

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well I'm done ranting, have fun raising the IQ points back up with Bielsa and Ancelotti the Star Trek actor and whining for Jose's sacking. This team is shit and flawed and Jose knew it but Emenalo is king around here

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well I'm done ranting, have fun raising the IQ points back up with Bielsa and Ancelotti the Star Trek actor and whining for Jose's sacking. This team is shit and flawed and Jose knew it but Emenalo is king around here

good night gino don't hurry back

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True, was just giving the US posters above a taste of their own medicine

I know ,, but if you want to ,, tell them you are going for a NIXON?/ if anyone is interested I will tell them about Kinky

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Should have kept his head today, especially when the players were losing theirs. Aside from that, can't criticize him or the players. Unlike the Southampton match, they at least kept fighting till the last minute. Without Ramires miscuing his shot, we could have even had one of the most memorable comebacks in recent history.

Next three games are most likely going to decide the outcome of Chelsea's season, and Mourinho's future with the club.

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Come now, fellas. Let's get this nasty business behind us and back on track. We are all Chelsea fans here, no need to get personal. :blue scalf:

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Mourinho needs to go, but I really don't know who has to come.

Ancelotti doesn't know the first thing about turning a crisis around, he's literally the last guy for the job, even as a stop gas.

I'm not too affected by the results tbh. This happens... ask United a couple of seasons ago... every big club has been through a slump at least once. We will get over it. But Mourinho made it impossible for him to continue. If someone in football needs a sabbatical, that's him.

I really can't stand Guardiola, I think he's way more arrogant than Mourinho, but he tries to hide it better. I think he's overrated as hell and couldn't do as good with Bayern as expected. Yes, winning UCL ain't easy. Losing 7-0 in the SF isn't either... the team hasn't even slightly produced what could have with a really good manager. Klopp - imo - would have taken that Bayern much further than Pep did - all things considered and not only titles.

I can't stand the guy, again, I think he's overrated, his success at Barcelona was a very ideal situation, with a lot of factors helping, a perfect marriage of philosophies (club and manager). I'm not saying he's bad, just that he isn't nearly as good as people make him out to be. His biggest accomplishments were winning everything with one of the best teams ever (most of the players were already there even before him, although he did add a couple key players) and winning Bundesliga with his Bayern side. With the squad he has, reaching UCL SF - especially given the teams they faced in the knock-outs was merely an obligation.

Still, is there anyone better? We already saw that if one club is new to the football elite, also having a fairly inexperienced manager doesn't work, so we can't bet in one of the young names coming through the last few years. The old foxes are either outdated, or the few nearly good enough well employed where they are. I've always said my two names were Klopp and Simeone, but both seem out of reach now and Simeone whole being a personal preference doesn't match the style Roman seems to want to the team any better than Mourinho does. It seems like a dead end, but one thing is for sure, Mourinho has to really leave and I'm one breath away of changing my opinion that it should wait the end of the season. He desperately needs a break from football. He's lost, outdated and seems to have developed a deep victim complex, stopping to acknowledge his own mistakes. One manager and one season won't sink Chelsea irremediably, but just because it's not the end of the world, it doesn't mean it has to continue the way it is.

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