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The Mourinho Thread

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Me and you, let's go support Arsenal? They play amazing football and they are 2015s champions! Yea I didn't know that trophy existed either.

Let's go! Gooners4Lyfe.

2015s Champions as well as consecutive 4th place trophies!

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I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

I love how the media have even managed to brainwash even a section off our own supporters with this bus parking bollox, it's truly unbelievable. The games in question mainly were Old Trafford, The Em

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quote name="Iggy Doonican" post="1084963" timestamp="1429044011"]Those Real Madrid fans tonight all dressed in white they looked like they were watching a Ku Klux Klan meeting

Next week at the Bernabeu


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Thought this was a new thread..its the Mourinho thread.


Because there was a lot of pissing and moaning. So a certain staff member played a joke.

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If you guys think this is bad wait until after the MU game when we inevitably luckily draw/narrowly lose because of negative tactics at home. This thread will be so much more fun then :)

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just to put things into perspective.

top of the table since day1

64 goals scored in 31 games (1goal behind city with a game in hand)

26 goals conceded in 31 games (2nd only to soton's 22)

best GD (+38) in the league.

73 points in 31 games and on course to go beyond 90.

just 2(take a second to let that sink in) defeats in the league.

i honestly am baffled at the amount of criticism. now dont get me wrong. i know we have not been playing as well as we should be. but reading the posts on here, you would think we were fighting in the relegation. i mean i dont get what people want. this team has shown how it can play and not just for a couple of matches but half of the season. you have to take into account the fact that this is still a young team with almost no experience of winning a league whatsoever (remy, costa[won once], cesc[with arsenal], matic[just once], hazard, oscar, azpi, cahill). the pressure is showing on the players and even our manager. yet, we have not crumbled under the pressure like the likes of arsenal and city. we have actually risen to the occasion and grinded out the results. and thats what league football is all about. thats the stuff champions are made of. while we should be applauding the players' and managers' winning mentality and the amazing character that we are showing, our own "fans" are critisizing him so vehemently that after reading some of the pages on here, i have to actually see the PL table again to realize that we are indeed running away with the PL. i am sorry but we are probably one of the worst set of fans in the world or its just that the posters on here are all a bunch of trolls and cry-babies.

Stop talking sense! We hate Mourinho because it's the in thing to do!
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I think some Chelsea fans have actually started hating Jose as much as arsenal and Liverpool fans. Hanging out with those lot too much is not good for the health

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I hope Jose will park the biggest bus of his career against MU and Arsenal. Just to add some fuel for this thread, because mental breakdown of some members here are hilarious.

hahahha... would love it!!!

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