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Chelsea 1-3 Southampton

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Now he's saying Top 4 finish is possible

Nobody with our points has finished higher than 5th

Now he's saying he can't be sacked as it will be bad on the club!

Jesus this guy has no shame

To be fair I'd rather we finished either in top4 or below 7th place, Europa League is waste of time and energy. But that's rushing ahead of time I guess... sad times.

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Absolute tragic. Why the fuck was Matic taken off straight away? I have been a loyal supporter of Jose all this time but I'm starting to question whether he really is fit for us now. Still I'd give him few more games.

Here's what I said in the Match thread and I stand by it. Awful. Clueless. I still do stand by the fact Jose does indeed deserve 1-2 more games to prove himself this season. Or at least the January transfer window. But as time goes, seems like his days at Chelsea are becoming numbered. It's sad but I seriously can't think of any other manager in this planet better than Mourinho, I seriously cannot. Anyways with Klopp away on a sabbatical, sacking Jose will be disastrous. No other managers in this world can fill his job or at least temporarily stabilise the team.

Anyways, if this is Mourinho's last game, I have to say, it was a huge pleasure having the greatest manager in world managing us, winning us the double, reaching CL semis, etc but it's a huge fucking shame, it had to end this way. Wish it did end better, like SAF's reign at Man Utd. It's upsetting man.

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There is no need to vent any longer. The club has lost it completely and no where to go but up. Just a question of when that ascension will begin.

The worst start since 1978 should clear all the plastic "fake" fans out, eh? I am with the Chels win or lose. Problems abound. No need to continue hammering Ivanovic. If we were three points off the top of the table and he was costing a point here and there maybe, but the problems are MUCH greater than just number 2.

The team has collectively lost their mind and spirit on the pitch. Unfortunately that all falls back to Jose. Jose is an incredible legend at the Bridge. Wow. What a career. But I think we can all see he has lost this group and the locker room. I do not know if Roman will sack him during the break or not, but I have to admit it is inevitable at this point. It is clear he cannot figure it out.

I hear after the match that NO Premier League team has started with just 8 points from 8 games and finished in the Top 4.

The task at hand is bigger than just trying to get the players motivated as a team or finding the winning XI, after 8 games, we are what we are. Just above relegation.

This season is a loss. Need to start the re-building process. Need to start approaching each game looking for improvement, getting OTHER players in the lineup and seeing what we have.

I am with Chelsea now and forever, but I am ready to get the future started and inject some life into the club.

Come on you Chelsea!! :blue scalf: :blue scalf:

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I think we will do fine, even with Jose. Though a defeat really sucks...

And fair play to southampton they played great

They did which why not annoyed.They deserved it.Really Newcastle did last week as well and had we won that been a unfair result on their part

4th defeat in 8 however does make it annoying and why cant see it changing any time soon.

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I have calmed down a bit now (but not a lot) and on reflection, what did we all really expect. Jose persists in playing the same formation, which clearly doesn't work anymore. He plays the same players match after match, who simply have lost the passion to play for him. I would rather see us lose with players who WANT to play for the club and the jersey. Play the young guns, give them a chance and if we lose so be it and least they will give 100%. What I saw today was a team or should I say was not a team, but a collection of individuals who the vast majority of them couldn't be arsed to play for Jose. In the seventies when we were broke we played with kids, who grew into men in a very short space of time, played exciting football without a care and won us promotion. How I'd love to see that happen again......Sadly that's not Jose's way and I think his blind faith in some members of this current side will inevitable cost him his job.

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I have seen this kind of demise in clubs under the following types of situation:

a - Transfers were made but all failed.
b - Economic problems, problems with justice, political.
c - All the talent sold out.
d - Rapid aging.

We seem to fall into (d).
Chelsea was rendered as hopeless as the national team of Greece at this point in time.

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