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Newcastle v Chelsea

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Everyone has been fucking terrible.

Yes, Mourinho needs to make some changes, but how many of them would be necessary today?

I'd keep only Begovic and Azpili. Oscar was half decent in the first, but that's it... the team has no heart, no answer and Mourinho doesn't have the balls to play the team that played against Maccabi against EPL teams. As we don't have an Iva replacement, play 3-5-2. We needs answers from players and Mourinho...

How about 1 single change? Like, for example, just spitballing here, implementing an attacking system that doesn't rely on useless crosses from your slow-ass RB for the majority of the game?

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Pedro you fucking mug. Square pass for Falcao.

We really have some of the dumbest, greediest players around. Every top play squares that for a teammate to tap home.

Square pass ??? no way bro.

X pass

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