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Next Manager?

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It depends on what are you looking.Do you want a top manager with charisma and enormous technical capabilities then the choice is Antonio Conte if you want a avarage/good manager but very lucky then t

hi from a Napoli supporter   i'm very sad for the loosing of Sarri, he is a real football Maestro, I saw the best Napoli in 90 years of history of the club, better than Maradona's Napoli, with a decen

I read the news here in Italy where it seems that Conte will become the next coach of Chelsea .... by Juventus fan ... and one that literally he loved juventus.of Conte ... if Antonio arrives at chels

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29 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

I could see the board being that engaged in managerial appointments they miss the summer transfer window:lol:

The fact we have no idea whats actually happening is making my piss boil

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as much as amateurish and quaky the board has been for a period of transfer windows now... Am with then concerning the issue of managerial appointment...i mean Sarri saga.. ADL is a cunt and must be treated as one... How would you appoint another manager yet to sack the present manager and same time demanding 8m€ when the financial aggregate of the period left on his contract shouldn't exceed 3m€...

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2 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

Zidane has chucked it at Madrid.

Now watch Real pay Sarris clause and we end up with Blanc. Cant see us pay Zidanes wages when we haggling over 4 millions for Sarris clause.

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never expected Zidane to leave to be honest, but might as well leave on a high having just won the Champions League for a record 3rd straight time, he's got nothing else to prove to Real Madrid, i would gladly have him here to be honest

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