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The Retro Gaming Thread

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Yeah , what race did you like?

Runescape , golden axe , stronghold series , ecco the dolphin , altered beast

I've played Undead most of the time but Custom games is the reason WC3 was such a success.

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Despite being about as dead and buried as a series can get I absolutely loved the Medievil series on the PSone.

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Christ mate, you're going back a bit there! :D

10 points if you can guess the developer's name! And no it's not "id Software" that went on to make the Wolfenstein everyone knows! :P

I'm sure ID Software 'oversaw' the project = take a huge chunk of licensing fee for nothing :)

It's still the best one IMHO and in my mind Im sure it was Grey Matter or Nerve or one of them - I'm sure it was a joint collaboration between those studios?

Ahh as I'm typing - I remember riding down the cable car in a snowstorm taking out the enemy

Those bitches in cat suits and Sten guns were proper hard core :)

Wish someone would re-make that

Wolfenstein New Order sucked in comparison...

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I had one of those:


which was actually originally my sister's. It's still lying around somewhere in my parents house!

I've never actually tried a Game and Watch.. hopefully not like those nasty-looking Tiger games!

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I've never actually tried a Game and Watch.. hopefully not like those nasty-looking Tiger games!

Was incredible fun at the time. I'd probably still prefer it over the vast majority of current mobile phone games.

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I know in this day and age I'm probably considered weird but Ive never played 1 compuer game. Ive never touched an XBox or any version of PS. The closest Ive got near to one is in my mates Bar and hes go some old original 70s games. Galaxians,Asteroids,Pacman,Tank,Space Invaders. And must admit I got top score on a couple of them ) Theres actually a routine in the Pacman one you can do each time to get high score.

But I used to work on a large IBM mainframe and we had a frew of the old first computer games and did them a few times.

I cant remember their names but 1 was you were going thru a labarynth of caves. You would find things to help you along your way going from cave to cave. Weapons,lights,newspapers eyc etc.

Anyways I was wondering if there was owt similar ishhhh online that I could go check out. Doesnt have to be caves like nanananana_zpsumpz38h1.gif

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I must say Diablo 2


I dunno what exactly you mean by retro, or how many years before now, but Gothic 1/2 are retro for today's standards, and are among the best RPGs created for sure (fuck TES series compared to that).




It even had Dragons you needed to hunt for quests!


How about Double Dragon from Sega Genesis? :D


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