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Just now, Iggy Doonican said:

No idea what you're on about squire so I'll sign off although I hope to read more posts about accounting and number crunching from you it's riveting..

Not more than you going on about the typos. I hope you go about asking all of them what exactly their typos mean. Nothing would beat that mate, can't wait.

Maybe I should start making OTT and nonsensical post about "net spend" even though no football club has that as a measure for it's transfer dealings 😂.



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For me it's because he's always been overrated. Don't think he is good at all

Fuck all you guys and your pessimism. He is the next David Luiz. Average player sold to PSG for an enflated price. C.R.E.A.M. Fuck all y'all.

As I said in the speculation thread, I think he's better than Piazon. I never got the Piazon thing. But we need to take into consideration his age. At 19 we could say he's going to be the next best th

“We are having a hard time there with Chelsea” – Midfielder’s transfer becoming an issue


Chelsea have a number of loanees around the world right now whose futures are very uncertain.

Nathan, for example, at Atletico Miniero is never going to stand a chance of getting back into the Blues team, and probably isn’t keen to continue his endless series of temporary moves – he’s been loaned out since 2015, amazingly.

SportWitness have some interesting quotes from Mineiro’s director Alexandre Mattos, who seems keen to keep the midfielder, but is clearly struggling with whatever terms the Blues are demanding:

“The idea with Nathan is that we stay with him. I already talked to him and his representative. There is an idea to stay here. We are having a hard time there with Chelsea,” Mattos is quoted as saying.

We never got to see Nathan in a Chelsea shirt, and even if this deal isn’t figured out, we probably never will. But given his contract is only getting closer to its finish next summer, there’s an ever increasing chance that the club give up on getting any decent money for the for 24 year old and just let him go.

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