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Turkish Super League

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First of all i didnt see a Turkish League topic so i wanted to create one.

I really think what do you guys think about it. I know most of you only knows two or three team which is normal. And all i want is that Turkish team should be sold and they should be incorporate like English teams. I mean you have no idea how much people love and worship football here. I'm pretty sure you saw passionate fans in Chelsea v Galatasaray & Besiktas v Liverpool & Fenerbahce v Arsenal and so on. I mean they already have great fans all they need is more money. I don't support any Turkish team because i dont like the football playing here. I always liked Chelsea and never missed a game. I love Chelsea and London so much that i think i'm gonna move to London. Anyways i know lot of people hate Galatasaray because of the fans and you know what? You're not alone! My family supports Galatasaray and to be honest theyre most succesful Turkish team. If we're gonna make a list.

Galatasaray : Aristocrats' team directing by people from " Galatasaray High School" which is most important high school in Istanbul.

Fenerbahce : Mostly richer people. Asian part of Istanbul. Always buying big names. But have no European cup yet.

Besiktas : Great area, most passionate fans. Working class club. But in the shadows of Gala and Fener and not so rich. And no European Cup

And this years battle is pretty good three teams racing for title. If Fener or Gala wins the title they'll reach 4th star. Thats why theres a big competition and Besiktas didnt won the league since 2008 they really need it and they're pretty good this year. And this weekend its Fener vs Gala it's gonna be mad. And one thing you need to know is in rival matches like Fener vs Gala or Besiktas vs Gala they dont take away fans because of the violence. Thats ridiciolus but that's the way...

Anyways people i wanna know what you guys think. Have fun ! ;)

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I've actually grown an interest in Turkish football, definitely a potential in terms of footballing market/league, they are buying a lot of players now. I can see Turkish football clubs putting a good fight in the Champions League. Although, Turkish football I think has its problems. Firstly, their economy isn't up to scratch. Their league attendances are still low but hoping next year this goes up. Second issue is that, there isn't a huge footballing culture outside Istanbul. Turkey is known for clubs in Istanbul like Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Gala, etc. The wealth isn't great outside Istanbul either and there is not a huge load of interest. I hope Turkey can get this solved.

Anyways, I'll be following Turkish league next year as a first time. Turkish league isn't shown here where I live and it's not shown anywhere in Western Europe as far as I am aware. Media coverage is the key to the popularity of leagues. French league is an average league but it's always shown here. I'll be rooting for Fenerbahce as well, their club and the stadium interests me.

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Eto'o and possibly Ronaldinho in the same team will add a lot of excitement to the league, but Gala and Fener are where its at.

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