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Man City v Chelsea

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Fact of the matter is lads, as proved live on TV, that if you frustrate a team and get under their skin they will eventually do something stupid. They were so afraid of Costa that they were hacking him down at every opportunity, and Dean knew it. You don't need 10s of shots on target to be playing well, we were solid, and frustrating them. City were a ticking time bomb and Zaba was the martyr in this case. Then when they're down to 10 men we have more space, which should result in a goal on the counter. Exactly what happened tbh, now just to close the game out Jose styleeeee.

You know what they say the easiest analysis to make is after the fact, and that is exactly what you did. Complete BS to make the argument the red card was part of the plan.

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We're playing vs 10 men but we still allow them dominate us. What do you expect? Also goal from Ivanovic's flank again. Fucking shite.

Oi they have Lampard don't put us down because they have a legend on their team now... Lampard is a great player sadly he now plays for a crap team who I fucking hate to bits now. Fuck that manager let's burn his house down.

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