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Diego Costa

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Everything anybody needs to know about Costa ^^

Ehm yes he can.

Using this to once again post the footballing brain that is His Highness Didi Hamann's pronouncements back in August : "Costa is overrated. He had a couple of good years for Atlético Madrid, but his

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Didn't think having a striker would be this good, wow.

This guy barely speaks English, is new to the league and country but he already seems to get the club.

We say carefree for a reason, no one fucking likes us and Diego seems to love that. He doesn't give a shit who gets in his way as long as its Chelsea and their fans who go home singing sweet victory.

haha mate, if fans of other clubs saw him on the street they would probably ask for his autograph

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I've realized he says 'important' a lot in his interviews.

Anyways, about Martinez's comments, I really think people are just being mean to Diego. He was just being a good boy and comforting Coleman after his mistake, no problem with that at all. :ph34r:

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It is good because if he knew English I bet he would start to swear(if he hasn't already done it) and that could actually get him in serious trouble in this country.

As long as he's not swearing at the refs I'm all for him telling our opponents how he fucked their mums the other night and shit.

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Murderous monster of a man. He's building a serious reputation now. His 3rd PL game and both Distin and Jegielka were sick of the sight of him within 5 minutes. They looked terrified at times and it's because the guy just does not stand still. He even scared Howard into handling the ball outside the box (edit: oh, that was Hazard! Nevermind!).

Absolute beast. So happy he's ours.

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