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Cesc Fàbregas

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I saw numerous comments raising the question as to how would Fabregas fit in a Mourinho's team if Juan Mata (and to a lesser extent de Bruyne) could not. It is to misunderstand what was the situation


Already has more medals for Chelsea than Arsenal.

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I remeber this game. I think it was his best game of his career and remeber saying to myself if fabergas stays healthy(was injuired alot than) he has the world at his feet

There are better things to post.

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Selling David Luiz, who was used more in CM than CB under Mourinho for 50m and signing Cesc Fabregas, for 3/5ths of the money is the best transfer move we've made in years. Outstanding midfield player, vision, goals and whatever else, he's brilliant. Great work again in the market.

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With the pace this squad has it'll be fun watching Fab pick out runs with his incredible vision. Every team in the PL will be shitting bricks when we catch them on the counter.

Every time Mourinho's Madrid countered the ball would go to Alonso and then.. well, you know the rest. I have a feeling Fabregas will be used similarly on the counter.

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What a day! Nice way to kickoff the World Cup with this news that pushes the Blues to being the favourite in the PL.

My Arsenal friends have now moved to the 10th floor ledge. Won't take much more to go over.

:blue scalf: :blue scalf:

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Top Class Striker - Check

Top Class Midfield - Check

Top Class Wide Men - Check

Top Class defensive options - Check

Top Class GK - Check (Two of them)

Top Manager - Check

EPL Title + One of front runners for Europe - Check

Really though, we have assembled our front 6 for the next 5+ years (Hazard, Oscar, Costa, Willian. Fabregas, Matic) in 2 bloody seasons, job well done by the board

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gotta admit I didn't want him, but after all, I understand why José wanted him. he can play CDM/CM/CAM, he's an experienced player but still only 27, we got him for a reasonable price, he has PL experience (and Wenger must be SO gutted) and of course, he still has a lot of motivation as he hasn't won PL or CL.

Big expectations.....

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I saw some stats somewhere that we had little to no through passes the entire last season. That meant when opponents sit deep, we could only pass wide and cross in or try to dribble. But now with Fabregas, he is a master at through passes straight to the striker from deep, whether chipped or low.

And he is a damn good finisher from midfield, can initiate our counters with one long pass to hazard upfront. No longer we have to hope ramires to see schurle making the run or hope mikel to pass forward quickly. But now we have a linchpin passer and spanish vision to replicate koke passes to costa.

(Exciting times ahead :) )

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This is what I'm looking forward to the most. His long passes are among the very best in the game. This has been and always will be Cesc's specialty.

I've read so many comments saying how he's better as a 10. Absolutely not true. Fab is at his best right in the centre of the pitch. There he can receive the ball away from the crowded area, play it forward and join the attack from deep/making late runs. Even when he was playing as a 10 on paper, he would constantly drop deep.

He's too slow (not physically, but mentally) for a true 10 and isn't the greatest at holding the ball in tight spaces. He can play there but he's simply not as good in that role. Fab likes to take his time on the ball, unless he spots a runner, and is much better coming at players.

His style never suited Barca. He has always been so direct in his play and in his passing. He always wants to play it forward and reach the goal as quickly as possible. And Barca are anything but direct.

And as for him being (physically) slow.. I find his lack of pace exaggerated but fair enough, he's not the fastest of players. But as the video above shows, the ball will always be faster than the players.

I'm also convinced he'll surprise plenty of people on the defensive side on his game. He's very decent in this aspect and not nearly as bad as some make him out to be.

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